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My name is Barnard Gregory, father and three sons tech team located in the USA. We are professional coders who specialize in building platforms for partnership ownership. We are firm believers that when you empower others with owning their own platforms that caters to communities needs, it not only empower them as individuals but empowers communities as a whole. Virtual Business directories are essential and thus needed within each city, state & country.  It provide community members, residents and visitors to search and find business types of interest.  It also works as a branding tool for business owners who do not have the time to brand for themselves.

What makes VBS different from any potential competitors is 

1. We are the first search engine directory and networking platform that connects b2b and community to business branding. This means members can search, befriend, network, chat in real time, share profile cards and more. (example we jist completed)

2. VBS is the only brand that is universal partnership.  This means we create virtual directories for each interested Rep, and or Celebrity who wants their own directory for their own city within their own country. 

3. Shared interest partnership is opportunity to not only own your own platform but enough shared interest for you to establish your own team.

4. The cost incurred is the time it takes for our team to create a directory based upon your state, city, country. Additional cost are for white labeling, 

5. Cost to put together SMS contact list of those in your city, state. country for our daily text blast. Business owners are happy knowing you are blasting the directory out within your city daily. Great incentive and benefit for signing up.

6. $5.99 - $19.99 monthly!! Question becomes, how many businesses in your city can afford not to be seen and branded by community for that price?

7. Additional Branding $109.00 & up...we will create our Virtual Interactive Coupon booklet for your city, country.

8. Virtual conference platform similar to zoom that gives you free membership with card membership. Unlimited usage and unlimited time. Perfect for online discussion with business owners. Vibetalktv

9. We created our own Tik tok app and youtube app for those businesses who wants community to create video ads for online contest where community can vote for top video as well as receive donations on behalf of those who choose to vote by pay or for free. Vanity sells and when adults are creating short videos on behalf of businesses, it gives an entirely new meaning to community to business branding. 

10. We create directories for Organizations of all types with 5k or more members. This means we create directories exclusively for their members only. This gives organizations their own privacy where they befriend and network with each other. 30% monthly shared interest per organization. Perfect for guaranteed fundraising and technology ownership. Each Rep who introduces this, gets shared interest weekly. Example: (educational institutions, greek organizations, women organization, trade shows, colleges, alumni's)

This article was published on 17.03.2023 by Barnard Gregory
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