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How to do MLM prospecting by promoting MLM online

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The time has never been better for learn how to prospect online in network marketing, so if you are struggle at the moment the only real solution is to build your MLM business online

I recall speaking to my enroller about 10 years ago and her telling me to write a warm leads list of all my family and friends. I have been running a few MLM businesses over the last 25 years and had burnt those bridges many years back and had no intention of repeating myself. I was of course polite and told her I would be running my business exclusively online. She had no idea what I was talking about and even discouraged me from using online prospecting tactics.

Within a month I was recruiting more people in my downline than she had ever seen before. This created interest from others in my upline as there was a builder and possible leader developing in their downline. Of course, my success even though it was benefiting everyone was seen with some kind of suspicion. I think I may have perpetuated the mystic by saying I was using creative ways to reach prospects online, while not being completely clear what that meant.

During the pandemic of 2020-21 I decided to write an eBook for those in my team who had yet committed to building their MLM business online. I basically took all the elements needed for promoting MLM online and put it in an eBook. I developed this method over many years and reduced it into a simple and logical system that anyone can understand.


How to prospect online in network marketing

If you have been in MLM for sometime like me you have burnt all the family and friend prospects you have even had. You may have even built a blog or done some social media marketing but still you are struggling to make it work.

The main issue normally comes down to the fact that nobody is reading your blog or Facebook posts and never will. Having the skills and knowledge on how to find prospects online is down to understanding how the internet works. And when I mean the internet, I really mean Google.

The main goal of MLM prospecting online is for you and your blog, website and social media platform to be found. At the same time remembering that the internet is simply an extension of the physical world. So a prospect of online business marketing methods should be treated the same as any other prospect.

What are the main skills needed for MLM prospecting online?

The written word is still highly searched for on Google and even though video, podcasts, images and landing pages, blogging is the simplest method of building a MLM business online.

I found through long discussions with friends in the MLM industry that having something that can be duplicated is the key. Yes, I agree to a point, but it also needs to be simple enough that most people can learn. At the same time, a simple task for one person is difficult for another, so when developing my eBook I decided to break it down into simple bite size tasks.

So, this eBook is for the complete beginner who is looking for a simple solution to learning how to build their network marketing business online. It takes the reader slowly through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed online in network marketing.

Where can I get your eBook about promoting MLM online?

To get your hands on the "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" by Steven Jackson click on the "Download Now" link below. This eBook will take your MLM prospecting to the next level and give you the success you deserve.


This article was published on 21.10.2021 by Steven Jackson
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