Earn Commission on Your Next Vacation!

• Did you earn a commission on the last trip you booked for yourself, friends and family?

• Did you earn a commission on that hotel you just booked?

• Did you earn a commission on that rental car you just booked?

• Did you travel at wholesale prices?

If you answered NO to Any of these…

Find out how you can.

Stop paying Expedia and Priceline commission every time you book a hotel, cruise or rental car. You could pay yourself. With TraVerus Global you earn commission when you travel. The same trip you were already going to take, for the same price. The only difference, you will earn a commission. Think about it…

Did you know that Expedia and Priceline own all other online travel search sites including Travelocity; Hotels.com; Hotwire; Bookings.com; Orbits; Travago; kayak; rentalcars.com etc.. What if you could have your own travel booking site powered by Priceline where you earned commission. Would you and all of your friends and family book trips on your travel booking site?

Check out my travel booking site below Destination Hop. Go ahead and compare prices to other search travel sites so you know this is real.

My Travel Booking Site

Commission is built into every hotel rate, every cruise rate and every car rental rate. When you book hotels, cruises or car rentals online, you can either continue to give the commission to Expedia and Priceline or you can take advantage of this opportunity and earn the commission yourself.

Have you ever planned a trip from start to finish for your family or friends? I’m talking about comparing hotels to see which one offers the best prices and amenities; researching destinations to see if you’d like to visit someday; learning about the newest cruises ships. Do you recommend destinations, hotels, cruises, restaurants and other attractions to your friends and family? Now, ask yourself if you are getting paid? If  not, you should!

Find out how you can become a certified travel agent and have access to all of the insider travel deals and book vacations directly with travel cruise lines, like Carnival Cruise lines, Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruises, and Norwegian Cruises. How about all-inclusive resorts like Iberostar Resorts, Dreams Resorts, Riu Resorts etc. Interested in condos or vacation homes, that’s included too.  Start earning a commission on all of your travel!

Now ask yourself why join a Travel Business? Because you are going to Travel Anyway

Don’t book another trip with joining TraVerus Global.   Sign Up Today

This article was published on 18.10.2017 by Zakiya Zaid
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TraVerus Global - Travel, 174.95 USD to join

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