Am Sick & Tired of Recruiting

First and foremost, I will like to thank you for reading this post. We are truly blessed to be in the business of the 21st century as Robert Kiyosaki will call it aka Network Marketing. This is an industry that has evolved over the years and it hasn’t ended yet, it is increasing going crazy with new companies here and there trying to implement this as a direct marketing strategy to keep and grow reliable cusomter base. As an independent business owner as some companies will term their partners-others call it different names though,  I realized that very few people actually succeed in network marketing and therefore giving the industry bad image. In most companies that sell products or services, their product prices are more than similar product in the market because they have to make profit and at the same time give you commission on sales. It will only take a customer a walk down the street to get the same products at a cheaper price than yours. In other cases, in order for you to keep your business going even without sales, you will be forced to consume your own products which may/may not be what you really wanted to consume but because it’s your business and you want to survive, you just have to do it. Am not condemning any company here, but what am trying to pass here is that there should be a better way of being a business owner than just recruiting or selling products without a clear/convincing conscience. It takes a lot to be a business owner especially when you’re just getting started and there is little or no knowledge of how it all works. For the first couple of weeks or months, you’re literally doing things blindly until you get your first sale or your first leg. Some of the common expenses you will inquire is traveling to meetings and events, maybe monthly or quarterly training to keep you alert into your business and more. As a beginner, you’re spending funds from your other job or other sources for these trips, how can you be sure that you will actually make money off this business after all these expenses?  Am here to help you!

No doubts am into the MLM business as well but am not interested in recruiting because just like you, I too have felt that sick in my stomach when I think of recruitment as the only source of income in MLM. 

My company is offering upto 50% OFF all your hotels and vacation trips when you book with us, if you find a cheaper price anywhere else, we guarantee 110% price match. You win either way! I will provide you free access to wholesale hotel prices and more and you will be able to save torns of money on every trip you make to all your business meetings and events. If this is something you will want to benefit from, don’t hesitate to send me an email to

I look forward to hearing from you soon, remain blessed and cheers to your continued success.

This article was published on 11.03.2019 by Rudolf Malle
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