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Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract (29688) Antioxidants – Wellness by Oriflame | Oriflame Cosmetics

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract is a daily food supplement containing antioxidants that combats the negative effects of oxidative stress by protecting the body’s cells from the inside out.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract helps protect against oxidative stress that causes skin ageing and dermis damage

Includes astaxanthin from microalgae and vitamin E and vitamin C

Extract from bilberries with strong antioxidant benefits

Antioxidants containing Astaxanthin & Bilberry have the ability to protect healthy cells from oxidative damage caused by harmful free radicals, which can be produced by things like poor diet, and environmental factors such as UV exposure, air pollutants, and tobacco smoke.

The Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract is free from artificial colorants, flavours, preservatives, GMO, and gluten. It has no added sugar and is Halal compliant. Developed in Sweden.


Research has focused on a number of individual health benefits from skin care and joint and heart health, however it is the figures regarding its antioxidant properties which really are amazing. Astaxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant and thus far, a more potent antioxidant has yet to be found in nature. In comparison, astaxanthin is 550 times more powerful than vitamin E and 6,000 times more powerful than vitamins C.


Bilberries have purportedly been used for medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) are small, blue berries native to Northern Europe.

Nowadays, they’re linked to various health benefits, from improved vision to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Carotenoids are a natural occurring pigment colour which promote health; you have possibly heard of beta carotene which has an orange colour. Astaxanthin which is found in certain algae, is red in colour and it lends this colour to many marine creatures such as lobsters, crab, shrimp and ocean salmon as well as giving flamingos their trademark pink hue.

We are regularly told that antioxidants are good for our health; they work by counteracting the damage caused by free radicals. We need a helping hand because free radicals tend to outweigh any antioxidants which occur naturally. Antioxidants transfer their free electrons to the damaged cells but unlike many antioxidants which become depleted after this transfer, astaxanthin & bilberry extract retains a huge surplus of free radicals, which neutralizes electrons allowing it to stay active for longer. Moreover, astaxanthin & bilberry extract can handle a variety of free radicals at the same time unlike most antioxidants which can only deal with one free radical at any given time.

The incredible antioxidant properties of astaxanthin & bilberry extract make it a substance of research interest in terms of various health treatments.

Astaxanthin & bilberry extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is also an effective pain killer. It can work on your body in the same way as many other over the counter analgesic medications without any risk of side effects or addiction. Astaxanthin & bilberry extract has specific applications for diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as the relief of other pain such as menstrual cramp and joint injuries. It inhibits COX 2 enzymes and when they are blocked, inflammation will be reduced.

A recent study has revealed that astaxanthin & bilberry extract could promote healthy, good looking skin. Astaxanthin & bilberry extract can, from the inside, smooth your skin by reducing wrinkles and other blemishes associated with aging such as age spots. It can also act to tone and moisturize the skin and give it more elasticity.

For those of you with fair skin or those who are exposed to UV rays for any length of time, there is even more good news. Astaxanthin & bilberry extract also protects the skin against UV rays. While it does not actually block the UV rays themselves, it does protect the skin against the damage associated with sun exposure. Because of its potent antioxidant properties, astaxanthin & bilberry extract neutralizes the free radicals produced by the sun’s rays and prevents the typical damage caused by sunburn.

Astaxanthin & bilberry extract can help if you are an athlete and you are finding it increasingly difficult to recover from your exertions. Many athletes claim that astaxanthin & bilberry extract capsules help their bodies to recover more quickly as well as promoting greater endurance in sports which require it, such as running or rowing for example.

Several clinical studies provide the proof that astaxanthin & bilberry extract contributes to healthy eyes. It can also help protect against eye strain, blurred vision and diabetic eye disease.

The cardiovascular benefits of astaxanthin & bilberry extract have been studied in some detail. Astaxanthin & bilberry extract has the potential to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. The results of this research indicated that astaxanthin & bilberry extract might increase the thickness of the heart’s arterial walls and also improve vascular elastin levels.

It is also claimed that astaxanthin & bilberry extract can improve cholesterol levels by increasing production of HDL (good cholesterol) and by decreasing triglycerides.

As well as its numerous other health benefits, astaxanthin & bilberry extract could help in the battle against dementia and other brain diseases.

It goes without saying that your immune system is absolutely vital to your overall health and well-being. Astaxanthin & bilberry extract boosts your immune system and helps protect your body from infectious disease.

Astaxanthin & bilberry extract capsules can help balance the body’s immune system by stimulating its disease and infection fighting ability while at the same time suppressing its extreme responses which lead to inflammation and other unnecessary symptoms.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract Benefits

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract can help to treat diabetes.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract may prevent cardiovascular disease.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract protects the heart.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract boosts the immune system.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract protects the skin.

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract protects the brain and nervous system.


Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract helps combat damaging oxidative stress caused by excessive exposure to harmful free radicals. It does so by providing antioxidant protection to our cells, from the inside out.


Naturally cultivated

Unique molecular structure allowing it to span the entire cell membrane, providing antioxidant protection from the inside-out

Bilberry Extract

Contains several different types of antioxidants, among them anthocyanins

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

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