Opportunity to join our amazing team at TS-LIFE™

I have an amazing new business opportunity being an affiliate of Ts-Life™ basically what we do is promote our health and wellness products, affiliates such as myself use the products and sell them by sharing our own results on our pages and stories. And the results really speak for themselves. 

We have 6 products at the moment aimed mainly at weight loss, increased energy, better sleep etc and we also have a brand new CBD infused skincare range that people are going crazy for!! The results we are having with them are insane!!

When someone asks about the products, we give them the information we have an amazing bunch of people on our team that help each other to suceed. Then when someone orders from your website you make comission� You can also build a team if you wish to do so and would make commission from their sales too without it affecting their pay. We have a mind blowing compensation plan and so many benefits from working with us. 


Upto 22% on team sales . 

ANYONE on your pay unit you will get upto 22% everytime they order !

THIS starts at 10% and increases EVERY single rank you hit.

£24 for everyone  who joins you on a pack ( a pack contains all 5 products and is optional. But a great offer ). 

Your personal recruits become your primaries .

 £6 bonus for everyone who your recruits bring in who get a pack . 

Your primaries recruits become your secondaries. 

�� Upto 55% check  match on primaries and upto 50% on secondaries!!!! 

E.g u recruit susan and she earns 100k , you will get 55k . 

Susan then recruits  Bob and Bob earns 100k you will get 50k  

INSANE FOR PEOPLE WHO BUILD TEAMS . ALSO this won't effect anyones pay.

This bonus makes sure that everyone gets help to get to the top

We get upto  70% mark up on products  we sell . They also all come in weekly aswell as monthly supplies !! 

This makes it easier to sell. 

Everyone can afford to buy them and we still make a good profit .

You get 2 websites one you buy wholesale and get all products at FULL DISCOUNT.  

You can then sell on anywhere and make a profit CASH ! 

The other website you share,  people order and get delivered straight  to them without you lifting a finger . 


The company sends out discounts and offers to past customers for you . 

When they order you get paid. 

We are launching in so many different countries it means that if your in your get to be a pioneer EVERYTIME we launch

• UK, IRELAND ,USA SPAIN ..Launched 

•Mexico launches soon

•Ghana launched 

• Netherlands and Belgium launched


We are launching product after product . 

This will keep our customers happy and maximise sales for reps. 

A bonus paid early on that doubles your pay . This bonus is achievable for all and pays out more than double the usual amount.  Giving everyone  a nice bonus and keeping retention rate HIGH ... EVERYONE'S HAPPY .

ALL products have been specially formulated with U.K approval.  

Some say the products sell themselves !!!

What you waiting for ???

Time is NOW .... positioning is key. 

Contact me if you are interested in joining. 

This is my affiliate link to to browse/ purchase our products:

This article was published on 09.09.2019 by Suzanne Mcluckie
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