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Getting safelist traffic can be a low cost financially. However in terms of time commitment the cost can be quite high.

Due to the number of links within emails you are required to click, It can take time to build your traffic credits. One way to reduce the time commitment would be through upgrading your account membership.

Many people choose to use the free membership option though, because they focus only on the financial commitment and not the time saving investment to be had.

However if you are running on a tight budget I would strongly suggest that you track your traffic results from your safelist traffic. Once you have established which safelists give the best results you should upgrade your account with those sites. This will enable you to cut the number of links you are required to click in order to build up your traffic credits.

The other time consuming activity is composing and sending your emails to other members. Especially if you use multiple safelists.

You may have to alter the formatting of your emails for each safelist site, especially if you personalise the subject line or into of your messages (this feature can increase your opt-in rates).

There is a way for you to vastly reduce the time required on safelists. That is by by using traffic zipper.

Traffic Zipper integrates with several safelist sites in a multitude of ways. Including...

compose your email on traffic zipper and send direct from traffic zipper to your safelists.

update all downline builders across supported Safelist sites from within the traffic zipper back office.

use the traffic zipper rotator to promote multiple sites, or to "swap" your promotions without changing your links...this feature works great for bringing 'new' traffic from old emails.

you should not expect huge conversions from safelist traffic as the default interest of many safelist members is to promote their current opportunity. However many members are open to new opportunities. You should focus your capture page to press the "curiosity button" of your page visitors. This will help increase the number of opt-ins. Also consider offering a freebie via your safelist promoted opt-in page. This will help drive conversions and will build your list faster. Think of the freebie as a “loss-leader”. This is where you make ZERO on the front end offer but stand to earn multiple commissions from back-end offers.

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This article was published on 19.06.2022 by Mike Williams
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Robert Fraser Traffic Zipper increased my productivity using safelists at least 80% Can get so much more credits in a short amount of time and solid leads.  12 days ago

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