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Get 17+ MLM Leads A Day With Twitter - In 15 Minutes Or less

I am sure you have heard of the social media giant called "Twitter"?

But what I am not sure of, is if you are actually using it.

Twitter seems to be a website many MLM business owners join, but soon after begin neglecting their Twitter accounts.

But, if you want to really get down to business, then perhaps it's time to fire that Twitter account back up!


When you are marketing, and advertising a business, the more of the "set-it and forget-it" type approaches you can use, the better.

Twitter is perfect for this. It can be automated, and since Twitter is the 2nd largest social media website in the world, it has plenty of your target market.


If you ever hold back from using a strategy because you "don't understand it" or are not familiar with it, you set yourself up for failure.

Almost everyone knows how to use Facebook. But when you first got on Facebook, you didn't. You had to learn it, and Twitter is the same way. It takes only a few minutes to learn and understand the power of Twitter.

So, don't use that mental excuse of not knowing it well enough to avoid learning it.


Tomorrow night (Wednesday March 2nd, 2016) at 9 p.m Eastern, Twitter expert and MLM business owner Adam, will demonstrate how he is using Twitter everyday, for about 15 minutes a day. Not much time at all put into his Twitter strategies, but always pulls out at least 17 leads a day from it.

So if you could add a simple 15 minutes a day to your work day, you could get the same results as Adam gets.

Adam is going to show you:

  • How to generate 17+ leads a day with just 15 minutes of work using Twitter
  • How to drive an extra 100+ visitors to your website of choice
  • How to attract hundreds of targeted followers to your Twitter profile
  • How to get people wanting to join your MLM by using tweets
  • How to make all of this happen, with automation

And all of these tricks work no matter what MLM company you present!

YOU CAN REGISTER NOW and get a seat to this private Mastermind Training Webinar by using the link provided.


The path to success in any MLM company is knowledge. Knowing how to generate your own targeted leads, who want to speak to you.

Knowing how to prospect, understanding things to prevent fear, and always learning new strategies to use is important to your success.

So if you get a chance like this to learn a way to add just 15 minutes a day to your work schedule (or replace something that isn't working) you can't go wrong.

So use the link at the bottom of this business announcement to get registered for the upcoming event. By doing so, you will also get more invite to future events that covers topics ranging from:

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Classifieds
  3. Prospecting
  4. Live Events
  5. Google Hangouts
  6. Youtube and Video Marketing
  7. Audio Marketing Strategies
  8. SEO secrets
  9. Blogging 
  10. Article Marketing
  11. Story Telling
  12. Copywriting
  13. Attraction Marketing
  14. Customizing Funnels
  15. Resume Database Research

And lots more!

So this is the reason those who come, are those who are now the most successful names in all of the MLM industry. Learning from top earners and experts is the best way to become a success story in your MLM.


WHAT: FREE TWITTER TRAINING - How to get 17+ leads a day for your business from Twitter

WHEN: Wednesday March 2nd, 2016 at 9 p.m Eastern


This article was published on 02.03.2016 by Jaye Carden
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Screen Sa Do you have a recorded link for the Free Twitter Training as I only just saw your message, thanks.  7 years ago

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