Superlife World Products, Why All The Buzz?

There is a buzz going about regarding the products of Superlife World. While they have over 20 products under their belt, they have released three at global level which are available for purchase through their distributors.  

Of those three products, one remains very popular, and it happens to be their flagship product as well, it is called Superlife Total Care 30 or STC30 as it is popularly known.

What Is It And What Does It Do?

It is a food supplement or superfood that is designed to help your body repair itself and it is made of the following:

Blackcurrant Juice Powder

Vitamin C

Bilberry Extract

Cantaloupe Extract,


Grape Stem Cell Extract

The Do Part

In the short time that I have used this product and sold it to others, I have collected verified testimonials, including my own. I chuckle every time I tell the story.

The other day I was sitting in the lawn chair enjoying the sun when my daughter noticed that the bald patches in my head were filling up with hair. My mother in law has had arthritis and the pain keeps on reducing. I customers with various conditions like migraine headaches, diabetes, kidney cysts, lupus…

I have collected these testimonials on my Facebok Page and Youtube Channel and will continue to do so.

Be Careful

STC30 is not a medicine and neither do I dispense medical advice. As I have said before, it is a food supplement. I do not encourage people to stop taking or reduce preion medicine simply because they are on STC30.

Only the doctors can and should make those changes!

I have learned from my mistakes the hard way not to do that.

Getting Yours

So how do you get a hold of yours if you are interested?

You need to find a distributor nearest to you and buy from them. The pricing depends from country to country due to taxation, shipping and other factors.

So you can buy a box and try it out although that will be expensive in the long run for you. Here is what I did;

I tested out two boxes and then the decided to buy 8 boxes. I used two and sold the rest and I have been in business ever since. It is a self sustaining strategy for me as I keep on introducing others to this business and get bonuses too.

The Thing Is

In Superlife World, the focus is in recruiting people who can sell the product. Yes it is great when you recruit a team but it has to be a team that can sell the product and not just build the team.

And I find that product sales approach beneficial in many ways but that is a story for another day.


If you are interested in this business, let me know by going here and I will get you started.

This article was published on 13.08.2019 by Sunganani L Manjolo
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Superlife World Malaysia - Nutrition, Health, 1150 USD to join

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