Taking network marketing to a new level

Certainly, those who are experienced in network marketing know that many leaders will often times jump from one company to another when the next big trend comes along. Whether the product or service is beneficial or not as long as there is a compensation plan that will make it worth their while the thought of taking ones team is just part of the “plan”. It's neither good nor bad it's just what people do.

Often there are times when a company turns out to be a flash in the pan and whole teams will look for a new venture. There have been times when the government gets involved and shuts a company down or strips them of the networking system of marketing and they go to a more direct sales system.

Did you know that social business is being taught on the university level? Social Business 3.0 is taking network marketing to the next level. Toms Shoes got the concept of social marketing started when they would sell a pair of shoes and donate a pair to a child who was not allowed to go to school because they didn’t own any. That was Social Business 1.0.

Social Business 2.0 was when big box stores and department stores got in on the program and started retailing the shoes which made for more sales resulting in more shoes being donated to children.

Now allow me to introduce to you a Social Business 3.0 company that merges network marketing with the “how to change the world” concept of Social Entrepreneur marketing. Introducing Alovea. What makes it 3.0 is Alovea's Buy 1 Nourish 2 business model and that they pay people to build team and teams of teams.   First if you want to change the world you must have world changing products that no other company has access to. Alovea has just that. You know how in the world of computers there is software that runs ON computers and there is software that RUNS the computer. Alovea has been gifted with the aloe vera extract that has been found to run our immune systems. Our bodies computer.

The mission of Alovea, that of providing their product to the worlds most medically fragile children, has network marketers not only looking at the company but when they see the impact the products have on people’s health (imagine that! A company that actually has world class products) and if not the best comp plan in the industry certainly one of the best the question that comes to mind is “who wouldn’t want to do this?”

I invite you to watch this presentation by the CEO, Sam Caster, to see what I’m talking about… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrpXiqpTvq8.

This article was published on 23.11.2021 by Doug Dye
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Alovea - Social Biz 3.0Health, 39 USD to join

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