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Our goal is to bring news and information about business opportunities and income possibilities available using the most modern tactics and techniques using E-Commerce.

Today's world is full of smooth talking promoters making promises of money making riches and easy roads to wealth.  With 20 years of experience online my suggestion is be careful or you will be spending money attempting to recoup the money you already spent on someone else's scheme to make you rich.

Educate yourself, take the time, make the effort to learn as much as you can BEFORE you invest one penny in any online money making project.  The Internet abounds with free to join programs.  You will learn real quick those promises to make money are tied to "upgrades" and reaching out to everyone you know and everyone you can recruit to join in your "downline" and build on the promise you can share your "riches" with them.

It is worth repeating. take time and learn as much as you can.  Don't just jump in, no matter how desperately you want to get started, no matter how great sounding something appears.   A number of people are making huge amounts of money online, but many more give up and go back to a simple low paying job a little more "broke" than they were.

Many times the successful marketing professional will lay out some bait, a free offer, a special discount or some type of bonus to get that first order. Why? The successful e-market professional knows it is important to complete that first sale, get a loyalty and trust underway in order to build a new business relationship. Just as a tree grows and branches out so can the success with one new client. Future orders, recommendations and most important, additional introduced contacts for future sales is at stake.

Network marketing requires building relationships and loyalty that comes only with satisfaction that a fair trade has taken place. E-commerce is the art of taking a prospect turning them into a customer and building a long term trusting relationship for mutual satisfaction and benefits.

Use the FREE resources available.  Take the time and brush up on all you can find to outline your prospects for solid future success.

Recommended reading and full of experiences you need before you start.


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This article was published on 05.01.2019 by Harvey Akeson
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