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About a week ago, I was invited to check out this website called global money line. I joined as a free member because its free for everyone to join. Shortly after joining, I noticed leads pouring in under me in big numbers of 100's to 1,000's. So I logged in and noticed that by my third day, I had received over 3,000 leads. 

Once I seen the amount of leads I was getting, I was intrigued. However, with the free membership i noticed that you can only send 1 message at a time, meaning you can only message one person at a time and there is no way to highlight your link so that it stands out when you send it. Also, i noticed with the free membership, some of your leads get taken away meaning you may only receive around 500 leads per day. Therefore, I decided to upgrade to the $20 one time bronze Level which is where you pay $20 one time (no monthly fees) and it allows you to keep all of your leads (1,000 Per Day) and message up to 20 people at a time with the push of a button  over and over, while also including your link to your website that you are promoting whereas your website is highlighted. 

On the same exact day that I decided to upgrade to the $20 level I got 3 sign ups in my primary business and 2 sign ups under me in the Money Line. So far its been a pretty good experience. The next day I received three sign ups in the Money Line. I can definitely say withing my week of using this system, I have received over 6,000 free fresh leads and sign ups in my primary business as well as within the moneyline.

Just like with other online marketing opportunities, Global Money Line has an affiliate program. How does the Global Money Line work? Well, have you ever heard of a 1 Up system? Well, Global Money Line works as a 2 up system. You can become an affiliate one or two ways with this system. For example, if you decide to sign up today for free, and if you want to earn as a free member with the affiliate program, you would need to refer 3 Paid $20 sign ups that would go to your sponsor, and thereafter your third sale, it would then qualify you to receive instant $20 payments to your PayPal, Payza, etc. The second way to earn instant free commissions, is by simply joining as a free member, and then upgrading to the $20 level instantly and then as a paid member, all you would need is 2 paid $20 referrals. Your first 2 referrals as a paid member qualifies you as a representative where you can then receive instant $20 commissions after your second referral. Therefore, every time you refer someone, they pay $20 to upgrade which goes to you instantly and then in order for them to qualify they would need 2 paid referrals which goes to you instantly meaning an additional $40. Pretty cool huh?

That's not all, this system also has a Facebook automation tool that will help either explode your money line referral Program or it can help explode your primary business. Do I think this system is worth giving a shot? Yes, from what I have experienced so far within my first week. In my opinion you can benefit both as a free member and as a paid member but even more as a paid member.

If you would like to sign up and get started today, get started in the link below! Yes, this opportunity is available world wide!

This article was published on 20.03.2017 by Whitney Booker
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