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DIY: How To Prepare Your Estate Documents Easily At Home

Please allow me to share some important information with you that you may find very helpful and important to you and your family. 

Disclaimer: Let me be clear & upfront that I am not an Attorney, nor am I rendering any type of Legal advice whatsoever regarding the subject matter presented herein. If you are unsure as to what is best in your personal life and situation, you are encouraged to seek proper Legal counsel to address your legal concerns and issues. I’d simply like to share some information that you may not have thought about and share a suggestion on how you can take action that may help to fill any gaps you may have in your Estate planning at the present time.

Preparing or Updating our Wills, Living Wills, Health Care Power of Attorney, and other important Estate Documents is something that has taken a back seat in many people’s lives due to the common challenge of “not enough time” to get it done. But is that really a good reason to put off preparing such important legal documents?

Here are some questions to consider asking yourself:

• When was the last time you updated your Last Will and Testament?

• Do you have a current Living Will in place?

• How about a Health Care Power of Attorney?

• Do you have children and if so, have you appointed a Guardian you’re happy with?

• Have you confirmed with the Guardian that they are still willing to step in if needed?

• What about a Trust for your child/children? Are you aware of what that is?

• Have you moved from one State to another and if so, did you update your Will to reflect the move?

• Are you divorced or separated?

• Have you adopted any children?

• Do you expect any type of inheritance from a family member later in life?

• Do you want to allocate money to your kids when they reach a certain age?

• Do you own a Small Business? Are your Business Interests protected?

• Do you own Rental Property?

• If you don’t have your Estate documents prepared, updated and current, are you willing to take the time to do so, if you could easily and without any hassle or expensive costs involved?

These examples above are some of the questions I asked myself when preparing my personal Estate documents. I hope you find them helpful as you examine your personal situation right now, and if it’s time to prepare, update or review your Estate documents, you’ll see the importance of asking more questions to be sure your bases are covered.

When a loved one is lost, there’s sorrow, there’s confusion, sometimes chaos finding documents, passwords, log-in information, bank account information, Insurance policy information, and that’s just for starters. Why put our loved ones thru any more hassle or aggravation trying to get the house in order. It’s enough dealing with the loss of a loved one. Let’s not make it any harder than it has to be.

It’s so important to have your personal Estate documents prepared properly by competent Legal Counsel in Estate Law in the State you currently reside in. But that can be costly, couldn’t it, considering the average hourly cost for an Attorney nationwide is approximately $135.00 per hour, for simple consultations. (Hourly prices could vary in different regions across the USA and Canada. I believe that $135/hour is a reasonable example of current hourly fees nationwide). That can pose a challenge for someone making 12.50 to 15.00 per hour, wouldn’t you agree?

Fortunately this brief story has a good ending and a really important suggestion: may I suggest that you no longer put off preparing your personal Estate documents and get them prepared easily from the comfort of your home for much less than you may think. The average cost of a simple Will per individual, prepared by an Estate Attorney, is approximately $175 to $250 dollars, and I believe that’s a very conservative amount. Then add on the cost to prepare the Living Will(s), Health Care Power of Attorney and any minor(s) trust that may need to be prepared. It could be costly, which in my opinion, is another reason that individuals and parents put off preparing their Estate documents.

Please allow me to introduce you to our company and services. We offer, as part of our service, preparation of a simple Will for you & your spouse/domestic partner, along with your Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney.

Our service offers a tremendous value in so many other areas that it would be too long to list them all here.

I respect your time and cordially invite you to review my website at: 

 I invite you take a look at our Personal Legal Plan that includes preparing your Estate documents as referenced herein, all for less than $20 dollars a month. And by the way, we don’t ask you to sign a contract with our service. It’s month-to-month. You can cancel it at any time for any reason. I’ve owned mine since 1997 and my family and I wouldn’t be without it, especially considering the litigious society we live in today.

Life can be complicated sometimes and filled with speed bumps and situations that throw us a curve when we least expect it. You don’t have to go it alone any longer.

Make today the day you took action to get your personal Estate documents prepared. You and your family deserve only the best.

Visit:    today and check out our Personal Legal Plans for you & your family.

Please contact me directly via email if you have any questions on our services or if I can be of any additional assistance.

Have a great day.



PS: If you’re interested in finding out how our services can be offered to your company/employees as a 100% voluntary employee benefit, please contact me directly. Employees find tremendous value in our services for themselves & family and it can be offered to them at no direct cost to the bottom line of your company. Please contact me for more details if interested.

Stephen C. Esch



C: 8/15  Stephen C. Esch

This article was published on 19.08.2015 by Stephen Esch
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