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Why do rich people easily make money and struggling poor people to have a good life? The answer is that their actions, thoughts, and views are different.

The following is what you need to ponder:


There was a poor man who did not eat three full meals a day, clothes that only wore one set. He looked up at the sky and complained about his miserable fate. Every day he worked hard, not enough to live. At one point, he was heartbroken crying: "Ask God is fair or not? Why is there such a rich man, and the poor are suffering each day? "

God laughed and asked him: "How are you going to see me fair?"

The poor man replied, "I want a rich man to become like me, living like me. If that rich man can get rich again, then I will not be resentment anymore. "

God nodded, saying, "Okay!"

Then God for a rich man turns into a poor man like the man. God also gave each one a house and a mountain, every day they dig open the mountain in the mountains to sell the mountain, take money to buy food. After 1 month, the coal has been exposed to them all.

The rich and the poor began to dig up mountains for charcoal, the poor who used to live in harsh conditions, the coal mines he had no trouble with, he quickly accumulated a charcoal car go down the mountain for money, and use all the money to buy good food brought back to his aging mother and child at home.

The rich have never worked hard, dig one at a time rest, sweat swirling around the body that has not been digging. It was dark enough to get a charcoal car to bring down the mountain, sell the money, he just bought a few curtains, the amount of money he left to save.

On the second day, the poor got up early to go to dig up coal, while the rich went down the mountain, hired two poor people. These two people did not say that they started digging coal, the general looks healthy and bigger than the poor many. The rich man stood on one side, and soon they had digged some charcoal trucks. Rich people bring charcoal car down the mountain to sell, how much to take the money to hire more labor. After that day, the rich pay for their workers, but to make a few times the poor.

One month passed very quickly, the poor only dig a small corner coal mines in the mountains. Every day he earns money to buy good food for himself and his family, not to leave the bag. The rich people from the beginning have rented a group of people, dig up all the coal on the mountain, earn no less money, he used this money to invest in selling back, very quickly became rich man.

The result is not to say can be guessed, the poor do not dare to blame God again.

Success is not about how much you can do, but how many people you can borrow.

Learning to "borrow" means using your inherent foundation, borrowing extra effort from others, borrowing the power of others, borrowing the power of a whole system!

Work hard with all of us. But the problem is hard work alone makes you rich. You can not be rich by doing everything yourself. You have to use leverage to really get rich. The more leverage you have, the more time you have to do things that really affect your business and your life.

Successful people know how to borrow.

The rich are able to distinguish between what is wealth, what is wealth, and how to possess them. Rich people know how to use their money wisely. Therefore, they never buy a fortune without a fortune. While the poor are the opposite. They do not distinguish between property and property. They often confuse the property as property. So, they have a lot of wrong decisions.

Poor people often use their money to buy things of great value for which they are an asset, but actually a product. For example, the poor borrow money to buy a house because the house is in their name, so they think it's their property. But in essence, the house is the property of the bank. Every month the house takes money out of the poorer bag, so the house is the product of the poor. At the same time it brings money into the bank bag, so it is the bank's assets.

As for the rich, they will also borrow money from banks to buy houses, but will rent or repaid them for a price much higher than the interest paid. That is the way to increase real wealth.

End .

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