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High blood pressure no more - now I feel younger than when I was in my 40s. 

I was in my office with my right hand over my heart, rubbing it gently as if that would stop my chest pain. In a brief instance, I made promises to God that I would start to exercise, eat better, and drink half my body's weight in ounces of water.

My coworkers thought of me as the healthy one in the office. Of course they would, I look younger than my real age and I showed no outward signs of having high blood pressure until one beautiful morning, it felt like something heavy was sitting on my chest. That evening I thought how blessed I was to have received a little warning. Many people don't get warnings. That's why high blood pressure is called the silent killer.

The prior three years flashed before me. Two years prior to my chest pain, my mother died of a heart attack. Thirteen months prior to my mother’s passing, my brother died of a heart attack at age 50. And, there I was in my office with chest pain, at age 50. My blood pressure was 170/110. That experience was a huge “wake up” call for me.

Just because you look healthy doesn’t mean you are healthy on the inside. Ironically, I worked for the Department of State Health Services and promoted healthy living. I had a passion for health, staying alive and living out my purpose while on planet earth was a priority for me. My mother and brother took different approaches to a similar problem.

My brother refused to take any medication or nutritional supplements and ate a well balanced diet. My mother took medication, experienced many side effects and ate a balanced diet. After my diagnosis of high blood pressure, I got in touch with a trusted family friend to find something safe and natural, that could help my body heal itself. This led to seed nutrition.

Soon as I found out what my family friend was taking and listened to a conference call, I knew that’s what I wanted to put in my body. I stayed on my medication. After four months, my blood pressure medication was cut in half.

Now, my blood pressure is in normal range. I am off of high blood pressure medication. I’m enjoying a healthy life with a new category creator, seed nutrition. I’m not sure if it will help with your blood pressure. However, you won't know it unless you try it, right?

There’s a link below to find out more about what helped me, and there is a second link to get started on a solution for a healthier you, right now. I have a passion to help you, your family and friends to get or maintain a healthier you. Go to

May you meet your health needs,

Kathryn Pitre Johnson (KJ)

This article was published on 29.02.2016 by Kathryn Pitre-johnson
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