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Hi, I'm Bert. As a sports masseur always looking for the best supplements for athletes. Using vibration as a healing practice has existed for centuries. Techniques include sound and color therapy, magnet therapy, homeopathy, and even acupuncture. All are based on the belief in an underlying life force. They are often grouped together into the category of energy medicine.

Because an athlete's body is heavily loaded, mitochondria are broken down more. Healy causes the production of mitochondria to increase dramatically and with it the production of the muscle fuel ATP. With this, an athlete can make just the difference between winning and losing.

The most popular programs are the Sleep programs because sleep is essential for good performance. I have been using this device since March 2019 and start each morning with the Pure detox program from the Gold Cycle. After my daily running routine, I start up the Recovery program in the Fitness group and after a hard workout also the Deep Relaxation program. My personal experience is that I then experience absolutely no muscle soreness the day after.

I also run the EYE program about 3 times a week. I am a lens wearer and notice after a few months that my vision has become much better. I test this in the morning when I do not have my lenses in yet. I can read the license plates of cars without difficulty at a distance of 25 meters. One technology, Frequency Healing, is gaining acceptance today after being an underground treatment for the past 100 years. The current changing of paradigm and advances in technology are providing the opportunity to improve this modality to create an important medicine for the future. A German Company called Healy World brought a wearable frequency device to the market to help people to support their health. This is brand new on the market and therefore a huge business opportunity with a lot of commissions. Because the Company chose for an MLM business model, in one year 45 countries are opened. You don't have to do a stockage of products, nor do any financial issue because this is done by the Company. So only invite people to an online presentation and when they sign up, buy the product you get a good commission. 

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This article was published on 13.09.2021 by Bert Berends
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