5 Red Flags To Consider Before Joining An Opportunity

1: No Service or Product

There are dozens of red flags that should caution you to stay away from a business or financial opportunity, but in my opinion, the biggest is a lack of service or product. Opportunities that have agendas to recruit more than the actual sales of the product may be a pyramid scheme. If an opportunity is not determined to get more consumers to obtain its products and is only interested in building a team, consider that a red flag.

2: Outstanding Product claims:

Wild claims are usually seen in health and wellness opportunities in which representatives brag that their products work "miracles". Hype that is "Outlandish" is a red flag in most industries, especially direct sales. A successful company is built on the quality of its products. If the company you are contemplating on joining has unusual products that seem too good to be true, proceed with caution or avoid that opportunity. The last thing you want to deal with is your name attached to a product or service that is "faulty".

3: An Opportunity That Is New:

For the most part, you are safer to go with an opportunity that has been around for more than 15 years then to go with a company that is 5 years or younger. When you invest your time and resources in an opportunity, you want to make sure that the opportunity has stood the test of time.

4: Lack of Company Communication

Do not shy away from asking tough or hard question to people who are trying to recruit you. If you do not get solid answers or are made guilty for not being a "positive thinker", consider that a red flag. In order to be a successful online business owner, you must have great support and strong training. The law requires that opportunities provide information pertaining to the compensation plan and information on average income that is earned by representatives.

5: Poor Rating on The Better Business Bureau

Honestly, this one is a little difficult because the Better Business Bureau (BBB), usually provides low ratings on online businesses simply because they involve "working from home". I recommend that you see if there are any complaints pertaining to the opportunity on the BBB website and how the opportunity handled those complaints. All opportunities in any industry will have customer complaints, however if the opportunity fails to address or offer help to the complaints, then consider that a red flag.

This article was published on 09.10.2019 by Marc Drouinaud
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