My name is George Scott I'm 62 and a loan officer however I feel a need to help the general public by lowering their cable and satellite monthly bill by helping them keep more funds for their  family each month. we pay anywhere between $150.00 -$285 for our cable bill, however IXQTV monthly customer subion is only $39.00 for 2 devices and up to $63.00 for 6 devices.g (TV laptop phone firestick) with no credit check no credit card no cancellation fees pay as you , visit my website at www.stopcablebills.com for a free 24hr preview however if you are interested in become a Pro Partner or Pro Plus Partner to start your true International internet streaming home base business for only $59.95 (Pro Partner) or (Pro Plus Partner) at $112.95 as a Pro Partner or Pro Plus Partner for every monthly subions you receive $10.00 every month, IXQTV parent company is NXR GLOBAL located in Mechanicsville Va ,NXR GLOBAL is  a 17 yr debt free company, NXR GLOBAL has its sights on the future of the Television industry, A paradigm shift from cable and satellite connections to  INTERNET STREAMING tv, visit my website for a 24hr FREE PREVIEW  "try it you may like it" IXQTV  is cutting edge technology with over 6000 LOCAL NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CHANNELS visit my website for more information www.stopcablebills.com , we are all looking for the next best deal, when you think about Television it's has always been in our lives, now it's our main source of home entertainment this includes renters and home owners, Television it's the first thing you get connected in your home or apartment , I know firsthand because 2 yrs ago I bought a new home a week before closing on the home I made an appointment with the  local cable company to install cable the day we closed , this was in 2017 for the last two years I've  had a 800lb gorilla in my house what I mean is, I hated paying the cable bill at first it was exciting a new home new cable then  reality sets in, after 2 yrs the price was increased, my monthly cable bill went from $189 to $319 and I didn't watch TV alot because of work, however the cable company starting allowing me to use their mobile apps on my phone, I thought that was a great idea it would allow the family to watch TV on our phones while away from home, however so we wouldn't use our data wifi had to be available, most establishments offer wifi NP right however reality hit again, yes I can watch TV away from home but that 800lb gorilla was still sitting in my house because every month my cable bill was still $319 so I decide to downgrade my cable service to the basic service which means no premium channels, Fortunately my 2 yr contract was almost ready to end when I was asked to listen to  a business opportunity, I was not told it was IXQTV not wanting to lie I called the  number at 9pm in listening to  the presenter they were talking about IP STREAMING TV FOR ONLY $39.00 A MONTH THAT INCLUDED PREMIUM CHANNELS NFL NBA MLB ESPEN  AND ALL REGULAR CABLE CHANNELS, I WAS SOLD RIGHT THAN AND THERE BUT THEN HE SAID I COULD START A HOME BASE BUSINESS OFFERING IP STREAMING SERVICES TO PRO PARTNERS FOR ONLY $59.95 TO START Their business, this is when I solved my Television ENTERTAINMENT problem NO MORE 800LB GORILLA IN MY HOUSE NOW MY TV ENTERTAINMENT WENT FROM $319 back to $189 A SAVINGS OF $110 a month/$ 1320 a yr. this is why I'm doing this business if you have a 800lb gorilla here's your solution come join me to help other get rid of their gorilla, contact George Scott at www.stangeo2114@gmail.com 301-2522821 thanks in advance for your interest see you over the Top have a great day!

This article was published on 12.07.2019 by George Scott
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