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About Me:

Hi, I'm Romy. And I'm happy.

My wife loves me. My five kids bring so many smiles. And most importantly, I love me. But there was a long journey to get here. And my journey, I think, is the reason I can help so many people now. 

I was raised in dysfunction and poverty. But I found my way past the mindset of lack. As an entrepreneur, I was like the little engine that could, except I kept breaking down before getting over the hill. Fail after fail after fail, for 25 years. But I found a way to get momentum. I brought our family to the last dollar time after time. 

One time, celebrating my daughter after a dance recital, I had to use nickels and dimes to buy her ice cream cone. "Aren't you getting one, daddy?"

One time, my car broke down so I rode my bike 16 miles to work for 6 months because I was too poor to fix it.

One season, for 5 months my family lived out of our car. Illegal tenting and playground bathrooms were the norm.

I was naïve, stubborn, and eager. I didn't know what I didn't know. So I kept looking. I kept hoping. I kept trying new things.

Once, after a three year streak of good fortune where I saved about $20,000, a family emergency wiped us back into debt in 9 short months.

These are all true events, and only a handful at that. 

And I found my footing again, and again, and again. But that's not why I eventually found success.

I used to place blame on circumstances, bad luck, or mean people. But I eventually saw that I was only a victim to my own thoughts.

When my thinking changed, everything changed.

Every single struggling point of my financial hardships, every tear, every late night, every early morning, every potato dinner, every shivering breath, was a mirror of myself to myself. Not everybody gets this. I once believed that it was supposed to be hard to succeed, and because I wanted to succeed so badly, I made a horrible struggle for myself. Get it? I made struggle because I believed it necessary. 

After another, end-of-the-rope experiences, I started meditating for a few minutes each day and soon discovered that as a human being, I have creative rights to my life. I can make things stop and I can make things start. Just like you. My financial turning point was when I first practiced embracing myself, in my imagination, just as I was, all rusty and worn out and broke. A spark inside, like a hummingbird, started buzzing with electricity. I actually sensed a genuine feeling of "happy." I began to feel wealthy in my skin, handsome, and dare I say, ALIVE, in a whole new sense of living. 

So, that's my story, a few chiseled flakes anyway. And if you read to this point, then you have a golden heart, and I genuinely with everything in me, wish you the same happy success for your future. This business model I'm sharing with Gold & Silver really works. And it's fun. Best of all, it's a place I get to help people like you rise to the top of themselves, where everything really begins.

I have shortcuts. I have hacks. I have systems. I have tools. And I have my supporting heart.

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This article was published on 14.01.2022 by Romy Williams
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