Changing my life, one day at a time.

Hi there, my names Karli! 

In 2019 I made a change.  I stoped fully following the career I was so set and determined to succeed at.  

Ya you read that.  I stoped trying to go after what was my “Dream”. 

Now the why, right? 

I was burnt out, plain and simple. 

See I worked in agriculture, horses more specifically. 

Now when you work in horses, If you don’t come from a background of some money, it’s harder.

If you don’t have money, you better be working yourself to the bone to prove you deserve it. 

Days off are slim, when watching your own farm and helping manage someone else’s. 

Everyday is survival when you live like that, and sometimes you break.  

The equine community can be ruthless and I was in deep now. 

I finally had to stepped back fully November 2019.  

My back was in bad condition. My mind not far off  

After a lot of work to figure out my discomfort, it was discovered I had a double curve to my spin.

 I had over worked my back and significant tissue damage happened to my lower back. 

So what did I do? 

Thankfully I had a couple options to roll around.  

Seasonal large equipment operator was one, and I feel into it quickly.  I love everything about operating, who I met and the experience I gain with others. 

Now my second opinion? 

I have spare time with seasonal work.  

I live on a farm, so I wanted to be able to stay home on my days off. That way I could manage my farm, the horses I owned and not feel like it was going to get put on the back burner again. 

I wanted to be able to live, be home more often and I found the company that helps me do just that. 

So in my spare time I’m helping coach and guide people through our business and manufacturing process to learn how to save money, creating a safer environment and to make a passive income In your spare time with products you are already buying, just by switching stores and referring others todo the same! 

Sounds easy enough, because it is!

This article was published on 21.07.2021 by Karli White
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