Exciting All Digital! Online Opporunity!

Here’s How It Works!

You will first Exchange Paper Dollars​ for Silver Dollars!​

Then you will Exchange Silver Dollars​ for Gold Dollars!​

Lastly, you will Exchange Gold Dollars​ for Platinum Dollars!

Accumulate precious metals and make money!​

Earn high rates of returns and create tax advantages!​

Whether the markets go up or down you make money, increase your net worth and prosper!​

Just follow these “five” simple instructions simple instructions to create an on going source of increasing income, increase your net worth and enjoy tax advantages right from the comfort and convenience of your Personal Computer!

1. Go online to http://imgsyndication.com

2. Read and study the tabs from left to right.​

3. Watch the short 6 minute IMG Opportunity video.​

4. Watch and study the IMG STRATEGY videos #8 and #9.​

5. Contact me on how to join me and get your Online Syndication started!

IMG’s Breakout Online Viral Giving Strategy! “The Power of Giving” To Create “People Helping

The All New Digital Online E1K1 Giving Strategy

Each One Keeps One

1. Make (1) Monthly Purchase.
2. Enlist (2) people that will make (1) Monthly Purchase
3. Those (2) people duplicate (1) and (2) above,


Everyone will PASS their First One FORWARD to someone else and KEEP the Second One for themselves!


You will receive Silver Eagle Coins every month and an endless number of people will be PASSED FORWARD to You each month!

You will be paid every month on everyone GIVEN to You and the ONE You Kept!

The Nutshell

Enlist (2) give up (1) and receive 5, 10, 50, 100 or more Passed Forward to You, which You are paid on each and every month, plus product!

1. Go online to  http://imgsyndication.com
2. Read and study the tabs from left to right
3. Watch the short 6 minute IMG OPPORTUNITY video
4. Watch and study the IMG STRATEGY videos 7 and 10
5. Contact me on how to join me to start Giving and Receiving Today!

A Computer and Phone Is All You Need!

Financial Literacy 101!

“Saving Your Way to Financial Independence!”

We invite you to join the many IMG members nationwide who are experiencing “Economic Justice,” “Financial Peace,” and “A Different Economic Reality!”

•    Home-Based Businesses
Working Class Americans’ Greatest Tax Advantage and Economic Solution!
•    Secure Lucrative Savings Accounts
Real Money Accounts Produced 162% Gains in 2008!
     Paper Money Accounts Lost All their Gains in 2008!
•    Debt Elimination/Strengthened Credit Records
Developing a Strong Financial Resume!

•    Tax Planning Education
The Greatest Financial Tool to Achieve True Wealth!
•    Charitable Giving
Working Class Americans’ Greatest Economic Solution!
Clergy – The Untold Benefits of Your Own Family Charitable Foundation!
•    Estate Planning
Trusts – The Ultimate Financial Tool to Achieve, Maintain, and Pass On True Wealth!

This article was published on 11.10.2019 by John Wilson Ross El Jr.
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