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There's a lot that goes into building an online business from the ground up. It takes money, time, and much grit. Many first time internet marketers fail or give up within the first year of getting started. That can be from a lack of education, resources, or results. One of the most important assets to have in your business is your email list. Yes, that's one of the very first things taught to all marketers is to build your list. But how do you do that? I remember when I first got started and I literally knew nothing about list building, landing pages, traffic generation and providing good content to my subscribers. As I progressed through my training I became better at certain skill's, one of the first was building my email list. In order to build a list, you're going to need an auto-responder in place. Auto-responders are e-mail's that are sent automatically to your mailing list subscribers based on rules and intervals that you define. A very convenient automation feature that saves you a lot of time from sending individual emails to each one of your subscribers. There are many well-known auto-responder services that can be used like, MailChimp, Aweber, and Getresponse. I've personally used Getresponse and Aweber. Aweber is my personal favorite because it's cost-effective and there's no issue getting emails sent successfully to subscribers. Not only that but you can monetize your leads later if they don't make a purchase immediately upon sign-up. That's were providing good email content comes into play. Next would be to create a high converting landing page that would capture your leads emails and plug them into your auto-responder. Your lead capture page should highlight what your offering in exchange for your subscriber's email information. Be sure to disable double opt-in when configuring your auto-responder to the lead capture page so that you won't lose subscribers. There are a few really good lead capture page services with the best being ClickFunnel's. I would personally suggest LeadPages as an alternative for cost reasons. Then after you have acquired your lead's, nurture them with good email follow-ups. Provide solutions to their problems or the roadblocks that they may face when getting started for the first time. If you know of any good traffic sources or products/service's that can help accelerate the result's in their business, it would be best to share it with your list of subscribers, hence providing good content. If your not camera-shy, video content can be very useful as well, it could even help with free traffic on YouTube. Speaking of traffic, generating traffic is probably the biggest hurdle marketer's experience when trying to build and expand their online business. It also took some time for me to learn and master many of the traffic techniques like PPC, SEO, Facebook Ads, and Solo Ads.  I currently use about 3 traffic source's in order to obtain my subscribers with Facebook Ads being my #1 go-to source, then it would be Bing and Google. If you would like to hit the ground running I would recommend Solo Ads for fast traffic and to build your list very quickly. When choosing Solo Ads as a traffic provider, there must be extensive research before purchasing from a Solo Ad vendor. The easiest way to find a reputable Solo Ad provider is to visit a website called Udimi.com. Udimi provides ID-verified sellers, top-quality traffic filter, unique rating system and custom tools that will generate leads and sale's for you. Just be sure to do your homework first, it can become quite costly if you're not seeing an ROI (return on investment).  For further references, your personal email list is the best traffic source to utilize for new or existing product promotion's which it's why it's so crucial that your always capturing your leads and building your list. Last but not least, choosing the right affiliate program that helps overcome many of the pitfalls internet marketers face when starting an online business. I've been in many affiliate programs over the years and from personal experience, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any newbie or seasoned marketer. The Wealthy Affiliate program provides everything from live video classes, 24/7 live support, access to elite affiliate marketers and fully customizable websites with over 3,000 themes to choose from. Some of their accolades include 14 years in business, 1,400,000 members, 1,800 expert coaches, in 193 countries and over 10,000 new businesses built monthly. There's a reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted and respected platform in the world and #1 in the affiliate marketing industry.

This article was published on 10.09.2019 by Marcus Jackson
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