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As we are noticing daily, the online business environment is highly dynamic. We see new things being developed every day. One of the more recent things I discovered involves no-fee fund transfers using ORU - a program which has a lot to offer besides an instant no-fee payment system. So when I designed my own new income and traffic creation strategy, I used ORU for it and priced it at a low $8.00 while paying the user of my program $6.00 for each sale they make using the Viral Money Tree 

Promoting it pays very handsomely in two ways. 

One, you get to build your own ORU team which will grow into a highly profitable following as you discover when watching the video you get to see when clicking the last link named Viral Money Tree, and … 

Two, you will earn $6.00 every time you pass on this amazing viral promo tool, paid directly into your own ORU account with no deductions at all. 

While this posting is limited to containing only two links, it is focused on my first ORU product, I can already tell you about my next viral ORU product in the making, which will have a much higher payout, so make sure you register for your ORU membership early and stay in touch for more good news to come your way shortly. 

I am looking forward to introducing you to ORU, and even if you are already a member, I am sure you will be giving existing ORU members  an enormous advantage introducing them to the added income potential the Viral Money Tree will be giving them at such a low price.

Best wishes,

Franto in Toronto


PS: I am also interested in linking up with partners who have their own ideas for some digital products and/or services they like to create to be marketed online using viral strategies and innovative payment systems such as ORU - do get in touch so we can start to exchange ideas and possibly create the next Online Mega Hit of a successful product or service.  

My interest is mainly in marketing digital products and services. I have virtually no interest in marketing tangible products which require physical handling such as storage and shipping. For this reason they provide a more limited profit margin.  

This article was published on 11.03.2019 by Franto Hruz
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The Business Builder Group - Viral Money Trees, 8 USD to join

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