Free to Join New Invitation only Platform, Free you can earn Commissions

It is FREE to join and going to be an invitation-only platform.

What you have to do is to invite people to join the social site to build your network. It pays you commissions up to 50% all of revenue generated by your referrals.

Please let me know if you would like to know more about this new Social Media site's Beta launch and I will send you a video (about 6 minutes) that contains the overview.100% on promoting Webtalk.

Webtalk is in Beta launch. We are given a ground floor opportunity to build our network. The affiliate program will be launched once Webtalk is out of Beta. The network you build now will be incorporated into the affiliate program automatically.

Note that the 5-tier commission is for the first one million affiliates. Affiliates after the first one million will earn commission on their direct referrals only.

The affiliate program is free to join. It offers various revenue streams. You can check them out in one of the CEO posts I sent you earlier.

As always, feel free to let me know if you need information/clarification


1) 10% (your referrals)

2) 10%

3) 10%

4) 10%

5) 10%

That's up to 50% of Webtalk's revenue for LIFE!


A. You must login into Webtalk and make a least 1 (one) public post monthly to your newsfeed. You will be given an immediate notice with a 30-Day window to make a post on the 1st day of a new month if you did not make a post the previous month. This requirement will expire after five years from the date of enrollment.

B. You must maintain 1 (ONE) PRO customer in your direct referral book of business at all times to maintain qualifications. If you acquire an annual-payment PRO customer it will qualify you for a year. This requirement will expire after five years from the date of enrollment.

C. If you lose your only customer, you will have 30-Days with notice to acquire a new customer or lose your bonus indefinitely, but you will lose your commissions from Tiers 2-5 on the last day of the same month you fell out of qualifications and they will be reinstated if a new sale or renewal is made within the allotted 30-Day window.

D. If there are more than 1,000,000 Webtalk users who are technically Pre-Qualified for the 5-Tier Team Trainer Bonus (have a completed profile, and acquired 1-Pro customer referral) prior to the official launch of the affiliate program, all who are pre-qualified will be awarded with the Team Trainer Bonus, and the Affiliate program will launch as the standard 10% Affiliate commission plan for all NEW affiliates.

E. In accordance with US law, in order for Webtalk to pay revenue share through 5-Tiers, and not just on your own referrals/invites, every affiliate who is awarded the Team Trainer affiliate commission plan must assist the affiliates in their 5-Tier referral network with learning how to use the Webtalk and SocialCPX software products. 

Webtalk will be providing a separate newsfeed inside of to instantly connect you with all of the affiliates in your referral network who have enrolled in the free affiliate program by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program. 

One of those terms includes a strict no cross-promoting and no spamming policy that will result in immediate termination of your accounts and loss of commissions. This will be well defined in the official terms. The SocialCPX newsfeed is there to strictly provide a forum for the users of our community to help each other learn how to use Webtalk. Think of it as a live real-time support chat channel, except there are two channels. One to chat with your upline, and another to chat with your entire downline. Your only requirement is to answer a minimum of one question per month from your downline (if applicable). This requirement will expire after five years from the date of enrollment.

In the event of illness or death, your account will NOT be terminated. You will be able to have your power of attorney or next of kin provide the proper paperwork to have your account funds transferred to another individual who inherits or becomes the executor of your estate. In the event of an account transfer, no more terms will apply to maintain qualifications.

After 5-Years, your affiliate account will be free of restrictions and can be sold as a business asset.

This article was published on 19.09.2018 by Susie Zep
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