Revv Card – The card that does it all!

What if you could sell a very easy-to-sell product only once to each customer - and at the same time you KNOW that this will give you a daily very interesting passive income for the rest of your life!?

This truly is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to join from the "first day" a revenue and corporate concept where you also can become a shareholder and co-owner of the holding company behind it all! A company that will go on the stock exchange within a short time! 

Here we also are talking about an opportunity and a company that is the most serious and solid one you have ever had the opportunity to join! 

Joining r-Network now, from the "absolute earliest possible time" when it comes to this fantastic and incredible concept, has far more benefits than most other concepts we have been presented with over time! This is especially true thinking of future revenue opportunities - if you are willing to spend some time building a network from now until the launch date on January 6 next year! 

Still it truly is at «the earliest possible time» - because even though a few months has passed since it all started, it still is in its early stages, and therefore it is a real privilege to be able to join now! 

Revv Card is truly a unique opportunity, it will without any doubt completely disrupt and revolutionize the world of banking and finance, in the same manner as Uber did in the taxi world! Here you can send money from person to person, in one second, anonymously – this implies WITHOUT going through a third party, i.e. a bank! And without authorities or banks knowing anything about what is being transferred or the persons involved! And this is just ONE of the many revolutionary opportunities opening up for you as a charter member in r-Network!  

What with earning commissions each and every time somebody else swipes their card, to pay for anything? Do you like the thought of having just one card in your wallet, instead of a whole bunch of them? Or, what would you say to 20 % discount next time you buy a new or used car?  

If thoughts like this are appealing to you, then r-Network surely is what you have been looking for - without being aware of it! Because, on this smart card you can load as many cards as you like, and via a touchscreen choose which one to debit! As a charter member you also get a full-fledged bank account in an US-based crypto currency friendly bank – owned and managed by r-Network – and with the Revv Card you can even buy and sell a range of crypto currencies plus store up to ten of these. 

On this link you find a short, instructive English introduction to r-Network and the Revv Card:

This link gives you a more comprehensive English presentation - this is an illustrated and instructive guide!

If you decide to register as a charter member in r-Network, here is my link:  

Looking forward to hear from you if you find this interesting, and want to be a part of the exciting Revv opportunity! 

Kind regards, 

Einar Bjørn Reitan, Norway 

This article was published on 08.10.2019 by Einar Reitan
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