Helping those whom want to move their debt payment to wealth building.

From the desk of Robert Mandel

Attention: Homeowners and those of whom have loads of Student Debt,

You recently completed a purchase and put a mortgage on your new home. Or completed your schooling. Well done and congratulations. Owning your own home feels great doesn't it? Getting that degree or advanced degree is great. This is of what America was founded on. Hard work and completing a task.

If you are like most people you signed a 30-year mortgage. I don’t know if you have thought about it, but the payments of your home will be more than twice what your purchase contract says it will be. Wow, that's crazy. How does that feel? And now that you finished your education you may be in the hole for $50,000 or even greater.

Banks have for years been making millions of dollars on the way they compute your interest. For the past 16 years, we have helped turn the 30 years of mortgage payments that are scheduled, reduced down to 10 years or less on most mortgages. Imagine that all those payments now not going to the bank but you now controlling that money.

If you didn’t know this, in 21 years you will still owe about half your original house loan balance if you follow what the bank has scheduled in your 360 payments. We can change that.

We do this without changing your budget or lifestyle, and without a refinance or changing your mortgage in any way. It is not credit restoration or debt consolidation, we are not renegotiating interest rate or terms of your debts, we are with sound money principles, correct timing and taking in other factors that you may not have not been taught, "getting the best bang for your buck," so to speak.

You are always in control of your money.

We educate you on 4 principles that accelerate your payoff date. This education is what the banks have been doing for ever and now we can use the information to reduce our total payment interest. No smoke and mirrors just math.

For a free saving analyst, we can show you how. Call me for more information and an appointment to set up your "Debt Freedom Date." This is a no obligation offer and you can see for yourself the time and money savings in about 30 minutes.

What would being debt free mean to you? Find out and get that feeling today.

Robert Mandel


"Helping put people's mortgage debt payments to work for building their own wealth program not the banks.”

This article was published on 14.08.2019 by Bob Mandel
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