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Big Tip That Most MLM Business Owners Miss

I see this all the time.

As a matter of fact, I am approached with this almost daily.

It's destroying several MLM business owners, and they don't even realize it. So they do it over and over again.

What is it?

If you just read those top lines, and now this line, that's the tip I want to share. See, I am using a skill set that I learned from top earners, and it just worked with you. (that is if you read this part)


Here is where the successful and the unsuccessful will separate.

The unsuccessful raise resistance. They don't understand why no one seems as excited about their new company as they do. They push and push, until people just finally get rude, block their posts on Facebook, and ignore their calls.

However, those who raise curiosity, continue receiving phone calls, people listen to them, and everyone shares their Facebook posts.


If you are thinking, well it is easy for ______ (whoever is successful) to get people to share their Facebook posts, re-tweet their tweets, want their calls, and open their emails.

If you think it's because they are successful, this isn't actually true.

They were in the same boat as you at one time. They had no leads, interested warm market, blog, and anything else they are now known for.

They had to build it. And they did not raise resistance, but raises curiosity instead.


Let's get into some examples of how to raise curiosity and prevent raising resistance.

We will use Facebook, just for an example.


A) Hot new company in pre-launch! This is so amazing and our products are changing lives! Everyone drinks coffee, so now you MAKE MONEY like these other people are already doing sharing this new amazing coffee. Pre-Launch ends this week, so get in now! HURRRY HURRY HURRY! You don't want to miss out on this most amazing opportunity ever! Oh, and did I mention we already have made a millionaire! WOW! 


B) Simple trick using Facebook is generating this guy around 10 leads a day for his MLM business.

Most people would click on (B) post, and move right over the (A) post.


The (A) post raises resistance. It tells you everything you need to know on the other side of the click. So why even bother clicking it? You know it's another MLM company, the product is coffee, and the person who posted must be desperate to find new reps.

But (B) post doesn't tell you enough to satisfy that curiosity? You know there is some trick to generating leads, which you need. You are in MLM, so a simple trick would suit you well, and you need that. It is targeted for MLM business owners, and nothing else. So if a person isn't in MLM, they will most likely stay away from it.


Your upline may of told you, that your product is for everyone. Everyone needs your product.

Well, it may be true in some shape, but it's not reality.

You need to find that "person" who fits. Just like post (B) was to target MLM business owners, your posts must do something like that. If you are looking to find other networkers who may join you, then that's how.

If you are looking for product users, perhaps an article on the dangers of drinking store brand coffee, and the solution being your coffee would be the right approach.


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Also, leave me a comment below if you have any pointers to make, or have a question!

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This article was published on 29.02.2016 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Thanks Athena! Hope it helped a lot. Looks like I replied to your comment using Facebook the first time, so I gotta pay more attention to what I am doing!  7 years ago
Athena Gay Hello Jaye, you always provide value and common sense in these articles for which I am always grateful. Cheers to you, my friend! :)  7 years ago

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