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Hidden in plain sight

It's one of the best kept secrets of marketing.

You'd think it'd be common knowledge.

You might ask yourself "Why isn't everyone doing it?".

There's a perfectly reasonable answer to that question... if you'll accept it.

If you don't, reading this article will be a waste of your time.

But if you get it, you'll leap ahead of your competition like the cow jumping over the moon.

It all starts at a hamburger restaurant.

No, not that one :)

This one isn't everywhere... in fact, it's only found on the West Coast of the good ol' USA.

It's called In-N-Out.

The hamburger is never frozen, the potatoes are cut into fries right before there dunked in the oil and there are only 3 things on the menu.

Hamburgers, fries and shakes.

That's all there is, and there ain't no mo'.

They're always crowded.


Because the food tastes better and it's so dang simple.

There's no confusion over what to order... just how many beef patties you want (you can get a burger with 10! - seriously) and what size drink.

Simple, awesome food and friendly service.

Did you catch the secret?

Simplicity and quality.

That's why In-N-Out is my favorite hamburger restaurant.

I like them so much I borrowed their ideas for my own business.

I don't sell the cheapest stuff you can find on the Internet... because quality isn't cheap.

And I concentrate on only a few things... traffic, offers and conversion.

Maybe someday I'll branch out, but for now I don't see any reason for it.

Trying to serve everyone is a losing game.

How focused is your business?

Are you trying to be everything to everyone?

Or are you making your offers as simple as possible?

A confused mind never buys... that's why it's so important to stick with one thing.

If you're changing offers all the time, your clients won't know what to think of you.

They'll assume (probably rightly) that you'll offer them anything to get a commission.

What are you currently doing to drive traffic to your offers?

Are you finding enough of your target customers?

Have you looked at several options for driving traffic, picked one and focused on it until you made it work for you?

If not, you might wanna take a look at this.

You could make your traffic campaigns complicated... that's what most marketers do.

Not me... I like simple.

That's why I only use these easy to follow strategies.

Here's how simple getting a consistent avalanche of traffic can be

This article was published on 23.02.2018 by Dave Kotecki
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