The world is advancing and we must accelerate to ensure we are in vogue at all times

This is the generation where all things are possible through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the generation where you can make money easily in a smart way without stress unlike the times of our forefathers.

Robotics is taking the place of manual human intelligence

You can make money today on autopilot and people think everything is YAHOO YAHOO! 

It's not so. 

The world is changing and we must change along with it or we will be living in the past.

Therefore, I introduced to those who may be hearing this for the very first time an Artificial Intelligence Bot that can help you make money without you sending your money to anyone.

Bot Coin Pro

If interested please to join immediately is free now to register. So save $100 for one free subscription.

Follow this to link

Contact no +234 08035787942

*How To Bind Your Binance Account To Your BotCoin Pro Account* 

Login to your Binance account

Click on More

Scroll down

Click on API management

You will see "Label API"

In that space, type BotCoin Pro

Click on Create API

Authorize it with your secret digits sent to your email and phone number

Once created, you will see the API key and a little arrow pointing downward

Click on the little arrow

You will see additional details appear

You will the Secret Key

Copy the secret key first

Then go over to your BotCoin Pro account and login 

Click on API

Click on Binance

Click on Add

You will see spaces for both API key and Secret key

Paste the secret key you copied in the space provided for Secret key

Go back to your Binance account, copy the API key

Paste it in the space provided for API key in your BotCoin Pro account

Then click on import

Your account is automatically linked

Go back to your Binance account

Click on Edit and scroll down 

Check the box that says: Enable Spot and Margin trade

Then scroll back up and click on save

That's all.

To verify that you successfully linked both, click on AI Strategy on your BotCoin Pro account

You should see the balance of your USDT on your Binance account reflecting on the bot

This article was published on 25.08.2021 by Leticia Onwude
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