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Did I need to be rich to invest in my financial future?

I seriously think it's great to have a job. Filling fulfilled serving customers or operating some kind of production facility. I like all of it, from the CEO job to the simple employee in the chain. But, there is one thing I learned about money, it's that you have got to risk it if you want to make a lot more. Increasing profits with time, margins and all those compound to a massively comfortable lifestyle or other.

Let's talk about myself a bit. I am a pizza delivery driver for a restaurant in a small sized sub urban town. I went to school, but my school motivation is about 0. I seriously think you don't need schools to read a book and you can improve your income in a better way without it. I really follow M.Kyosaki when he says school is teaching people to get a job and wait for a paycheck. The economy is a self equilibrating system. You need to start working on passion, then skills, then finance your dreams and make it happen.

It's important not to stretch too much your financial capabilities. You will have to manage business start up expenses, traveling, tools and even personal development material. Starting a business is something people don't take seriously enough. It's self explanatory why normal people start up a business, struggle, quit or don't even consider trying. You got to be different, not telling yourself you will have it easier than other. Simply telling yourself you will be going trough all of it completely until the end. That's will allow you the best of start.

Cut out on spending for a while. While investing, it's important to consider yourself a project. Your financial status is a project at that time, your future house or current house is somehow an undergoing project and so on. You are currently redefining your life, it's normal that you put in efforts, get the tools you need and start reaching your goals from there. Some people will think you are crazy. It takes a personality that looks crazy to be a millionaire. You have got to take more downfalls than others only a single time more than them but you still need to do it. Compare how hard it is to actually wake up every morning, pay all the expenses you pay to go to work, then live your life with what is left with a constant amount of upcoming expenses. I know you will make the right choice. Starting today in a proven business will take you to new heights. Start doing business talking a see how looking sharp and building a business will change the perspective people have of you.

Do it right now!

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This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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