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Total Life Changes is an amazing opportunity that offers products with testimonials. People who have come into TLC didn't know they were favored until their lives began to take a new turn. Bodily transformation and financial freedom. TLC as a company does not make any medical claims but we are glad to let you know that our products keep bringing in testimonies by the day. You know the greatest aspects? while our bodies are transformed so are our bank accounts.

Our company has different product line ranging from health, energy, weight loss, detox and skin care. Okay fellows listen people have come in with testimonials of being free from Lupus, cancer you name it. Remember we make no medical claims just testimonies. We have had people get to their desired weight size from just taking our Iaso tea and other weight loss products, testimonials have come from partners, family members and friends dropping from 425lb, 20 to 14, shirt size 3XL to XL. These are all amazing testimonials of people who never thought they could do it but were inspired by the testimonies of others and today they stand to inspire others. 

Okay did i tell of our nutraburst vitamins drink? it has 98% absorption rate and no I am not kidding, you only have to try it to know it. Listen everything your body needs its in it and guess what it is equal to eating 10 salads! I simply love these products.

My excitement can hardly be contained as I am about to introduce you to our wonder in a bottle called Iaso oil / Emu Oil, this is a bottle of amazement and can only be experienced than explained. Iaso oil is suitable for hair loss, skin wrinkles, burns, pains, acne, arthritis, anything wrong with your skin literally needs Iaso oil. 

Now unto the part where you experience a change in your bank accounts. Do you know that we were rated as the best home business this early 2016- speaking of momentum, that is what we are flying with, we keep expanding and presently opening up offices in different parts of the world. Our compensation plan is simply amazing  TLC pays in 5 ways and 3 are on a 50% sharing formula. What do I mean? for every one who enters into business with you TLC pays you 50% of the amount they start up with, great right? I know and it gets even better. For every purchase on your website you get a 50% cheque. Yes you heard me right, once you get into business you get your own free website and for every sale that takes place there you get paid 50%. And just in case you're wondering when you get paid, its weekly. Every Thursday a snap shot is taken from your back office all activities calculated and bam! you get paid.

Listen all; if you are looking to change your financial life? Then TLC is your ticket to that destination. Join in and see what others are saying. 

See you at the top!

This article was published on 09.06.2016 by Ruth Essien
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