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All the marketing Gurus are telling us that the money is in the list. That is true, but without Traffic there will be no list at all. So that is why I am going to introduce to you a system that can help you generate traffic to your list.

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What is the OLSP system?

The OLSP system is a listbuilding tool that helps you generate traffic.

Earn $20 just for going through the FREE training and learn how you can build your traffic and list effectively and smart so you earn more money from your list.

The Free training includes a bootcamp with 15 Free videolessons packed with valuable information about how to get more ttraffic and how the OLSP system works to help you with that.

A Listbuilding system  that works

The OLSP traffic and listbuilding tool is one of a kind based on the knowledge of veteran marketers. The founder is Wayne Crowe who have built an empire online with his traffic and listbuilding tool.

It is simply because this tool works.

No skills needed

The best thing is it works just as good for starters as for more advanced marketers. It is a proven step by step training that have most of the tasks all done for you.

All you have to do is share

It is really that simple. You get your own Affiliatelink and you can share with others. OLSP takes care of the rest. If you can share a link without any problem then this is for you. You can start sharing and earning in the free training.

The OLSP Support

After you sign up to the Free training or the bootcamp you get a message with the next steps to take action. The support is awesome. Everything is explained in detail with text, videos and tutorials. You feel they have your back and want you to succeed.

The OLSP Affiliate program

Once you sign up you become an affiliate and get your own affiliate link to share. You learn how to use your Affiliate link . You can earn on Two levels deep. Let us say that a person (William)  sign up on your link. He will automatically become a part of your team. This person goes to your list and when he make a purchase you get a commission. If William refer a person (Bob) to his team you will get a commission as well when he purchases any products.

How does it all work?

It is all about sharing your link and being active to help others as well. Every week Wayne have a Live Q&A in his Facebookgroup where he answers questions and help his members.

The Facebook group is very active, maybe one of the most active Facebook groups I have been too.

I think it has to do with the level of value and support that Wayne gives his members and that the training is free on all levels. Whenever someone joins my links his team does everything for me for ever. My job is just sharing. Their job is to help you generate traffic, build your list and help you earn commissions. I think that is a good deal.

How do you earn commissions?

There are several ways you earn commissions here. You do not earn from signing up because that is free.

You earn a commission when someone buys a traffic toolbox that OLSP system offers.

When your referrals buys TrafficDomination Pages or buys from the weekly lives where there are several offers presented or buy a launch just to mention a few things. Any TrafficDomination product someone in your team buys, you will earn a commissions from.

How to succeed with OLSP Systems?

They give you some fantastic stepping stones for success to take advantage of so you can hit the diamonds.

They help you going by training you and focusing on giving you profitable incentives like earning points through a monthly contest.

Everything you do on the platform will give you a point. The OLSP point system is a way to keep you going within the system and there are different point levels.

1. Trainee Dominator : 1- 50 points

2. Traffic Dominator : 50- 100 points

3. Allstar level: 100 - 500 Points

4. Elite Level : 500 - 750 Points

5. Supreme level_ 750 - 1000

6. Ultimate level: 1000 - 10.000

7. Batman Level : 10.000+

If you are among the top of the top 100 in a month then you can win moneyprizes up to $3000 depending on your amount of points. 

You get points for various activities like Login points, signup points, commission points, comment points and more.

For many marketers these points and competitions is a great way to keep up the work with building a list and getting traffic to their site and becoming a traffic dominator.

Want to become a Traffic dominator?

I have now given you a short overview over OLSP system. I am using it myself and it really works. I have never had somuch traffic on my FB posts as I do now and It helps me build my list. I think it is really a no brainer because it is totally free. You can upgrade within the system to get more advanced training and tools, but it is not necessary to make a good income.  If you want to know more and find out about all the juicy details then you are smart to grab the free training and earn your first $20 with OLSP.

Yes! I want to get Free OLSP training and Earn $20

This article was published on 04.05.2021 by Hilde Regine Rayani
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