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A Free Downloadable Weight Loss Guide to Compliment Your Weight Loss Products

Are you a networker specifically into weight loss and selling products that directly deal with helping customers lose weight?

Now we all know that weight loss is practically the biggest industry within the health and wellness niche.

Who honestly in this day and age would not want to look their best and fit in those smaller pants or dress they've been eying from a mile away?

But here's the deal when it comes to weight loss:

Your products alone no matter how good they are, will likely not be enough for people who want to lose a significant amount of weight (50lbs+)

For anyone to lose a significant amount of weight, it involves gradual changes in habit and lifestyle.

And of course when you pair it with taking your products regularly, the benefits come much faster.

Secondly is that as a network marketer, you don't just sell products. You also need to be a person who gives and share value to your prospects.

This means sharing your knowledge of weight loss, what you've done to help you lose weight and what you're doing to either lose more weight and/or keep off the weight you've lost.

By giving people a valuable piece of content, you're showing them that you've got an actual interest in helping them achieve their goals, rather than just selling them something up front.

People want to reach their weight loss goals, but not if it means feeling like they need to be sold on a particular product by an individual.

By sharing with your prospects this free downloadable guide you can get when you click here, you're first giving them some valuable tips on how to start their weight loss journey WITHOUT them needing to pay for that information.

Then you can follow up with the products you use to help aid with those new lifestyle changes.

Boom, you've just delivered the one-two punch for helping other people get on their way to starting their weight loss journey on the right foot!

So to recap on the basic steps you want to take to start sharing your products:

Step 1: Identify the people who want to lose weight or get more "beach body ready."

Step 2: Start a conversation on their weight loss goals and why it's so important to them

Step 3: Offer them this free downloadable weight loss guide as a first step for them to follow and implement some of the things involved in the guide.

Step 4: Follow up with them weekly and check on their progress and if they're implementing some of the things you've shared with them from the guide.

Step 5: Share your experience with your weight loss products and offer to speed up their weight loss efforts through your products.

Tip: You'll obviously want to read the guide first for your own reference.

Pro Tip: You'll want to start implementing some of the weight loss tips in your own routine if you haven't already.

To your success in helping others on their weight loss journey!

This article was published on 08.07.2021 by Kevin Williams
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