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Why Are Persons Running To Intelligence Prime Capital

What is Intelligence Prime Capital or IPC for short? Why are so many people interested in this company? This company that is being said to be impacting the future of Financial Technology or FinTech, and Forex Trading?

The company in their disclaimer reiterates that past performance is not indicative of future results. I beg to disagree. It was the past performance of the Trading Bot that was sent to me by a friend that gave me an indication of what to expect. And sure enough, what he experienced, I experienced three times per day as the results of the successful trades came in.

In fact, seeing the robot average 1.4% per day, my first week indicated to me what was to come. And sure enough, at the time of writing this article, the bot traded consecutively for three weeks at an average of 1.4% per day.

It is exactly because past performance is indicative of future results, where you are told that those who refuse to learn from history are born to repeat the mistakes of the past. And it is based on past performance that I am confident to recommend the product to you who have dared to read thus far.

I understand that the company has to make the disclaimer but do not let it scare you, almost every goods and or service being offered to the public these days comes with a disclaimer. But the truth is, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. That's right. It's not guaranteed. Each person needs to evaluate the risks inherent in participating, you must adjudge if the risk of success outweighs the risk of failure.

The Foreign Exchange Market has a huge daily turnover. It is one of the most traded markets in the world, you have options to trade the market from personal trading, where you learn how to analyze the markets and trade on your own. To copy trade, where you copy the trades of an experienced professional. Then there's artificial intelligence, Robots doing the trading for you while you're asleep, or while you are about doing other important things. 

Intelligence Prime capital is an international company committed to providing global users with a comprehensive suite of digital assets services. They specialize in research development into the future of financial technology, or FinTech, such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI trading systems, cloud storage systems, and enterprise management software. They serve users and enterprises from over 10 countries. With an emphasis on continuous innovation, they promise to continue to build high-quality products and services to serve, inspire, and drive any individual and business. 

Intelligence Prime Capital is a Canadian company that has obtained a regulatory license from the Canadian Financial regulatory agency. They also hold a digital asset management license in 2021. As promised, they launched their global financial products and digital asset trading platform.

Their artificial intelligence analysis trading system, the AI bot system works by aggregating market information, transaction volume, and other relevant data to accurately predict market trends. After several months of testing, the bot system achieved an average win rate of 97%, which is a dazzling record. Truly this is a no-brainer, you can thank me later.

Please see the image of my most recent trade below then CLICK HERE to join or Click the image below.

This article was published on 23.02.2022 by Melford Woolery
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