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Focus oh that thing you do when you have lots of time...

Many tend to believe that they can do several things at once this is called multi-tasking what if I could prove to you that multi-tasking is a myth, that no person can actually multi-task, what if I could prove to you that not even a computer can multi-task would you be interested in finding a way that you could improve your business by learning how to focus and get away from trying to chase myths that never existed?

Write on a piece of paper "multi-tasking is a myth" below it place under the "m" a "1" under the "u" a "2" and so on until you reach the h at the end always one letter and one number not writing out multi-tasking is a myth and then putting the numbers below it, now take out another clean piece of paper and do it again this time with your stop watch running so you can see how long you needed to complete the task try it a few times see how fast you can get at it.

Now write out multi-tasking is a myth completely and place the numbers below the letters afterwards use your stop watch and see how fast you are, even though you tried it a few times with the letter then number, letter then number system you are still faster with the writing out the word and then adding the numbers why is this you might be asking yourself because the brain doesn't multi-task that is a myth that originated within the computer scene many years ago.

The computer worked so quickly someone said it was multi-tasking the tasks it was given, in actuality though it was doing a block of this code then a block of that code and then back and forth at a speed that a human eye doesn't notice there is however a delay and know that you know it you can actually watch for it and you will notice it as well.

Pretty much if you have ever noticed how your computer becomes bogged down and nothing seems to work, this happens because the computer cannot multi-task and therefor has too much in it's short term memory and needs more space to complete one or many of the tasks that we gave it, eventually it reaches the point from our example of the multi-tasking is a myth that we as humans can identify with...

So would you like to learn how to create more results and less myth work that is actually taking away from your speed and brain power, then you need to start focusing on one task keep an eye on this space over the next few weeks I will post every few days an article how you too can improve your focus and thus your overall business and thus your entire life, let me know if you are interested in the knowledge if I don't get responses I won't bother creating the content here I will send it to my blog for future reference of my team.
This article was published on 11.05.2016 by Max Zimmermann
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