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First an introduction:  Welcome to PhytoScience

This is plant and fruit stem cell research in the 21st century!   This is the evolution to natural health care. The supplements are NOT medicine, meaning when you consume the Phytoscience supplements,  it is not medication.  

The company Phytoscience is focused on plant and fruit stem cell research and how people can best benefit from these as medicinal  alternative to chemical therapy, which is medication.  Ancient medicines were based on the healing power of plant and fruit.  

Phytoscience through years of research on what nature has to offer, is one of the leading companies which deals with stem cell research,  from plant and fruit and infusing science are able to supply us  with save, supplements for the entire family.

My story:  My story using Phytoscience supplements

I would like to share my story hoping to help people who want better health. I have been having lower back pain ever since the car accident about 5 years ago. 

I have been taking different medicines-mostly pain killers and different supplements-hoping the supplements will be able to help with the pain. Over time, I spent money and wasted time! I was so frustrated.

Recently, I was introduced to a company who specializes in plant stem cells for human consumption-called PhytoScience.   I started on the 21st October 2020 with Crystal cells which I put into my mouth, under my tongue and then after a few minutes  have a glass of water. I took one sachet per day and on the 3 day the back pain had subsided a great deal. 

I then added a second sachet which I took at about 3pm. This means that I took 2 sachets per day. The result was even better!   Today, I no longer experience back pain. Wow, thank you PhytoScience. I was so impressed, that I joined the company. 

This is the first company which I can endorse based on my own results, and say "the products from this company works" Imagine, if people new about these products! How much money will people save, when they are will to try a new way for supplements.

No matter what YOUR discomfort pain issue is, these will work for you. Why? These supplements tackle the route of the problem and that is is the cell of your body. To have a better understanding, please watch this short video

I invite you to have a look at the company and the health supplements! I also started a blog to make it easy for my readers to find the right information go here!

This article was published on 30.11.2020 by Jose Julius
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