Do you hate waiting for commissions

Ever experienced any of these?...

Having decided to start an online business knowing where to begin was a huge obstacle.

After a few days or a few years it became clear what to do but learning how to do it was another huge obstacle.

After weeks or months of study, it was clear that 5 or 10 Internet marketing tools costing from $10 to $500 a month each were needed.

It was also clear that 1 or more Internet marketing courses were also needed costing $47 or more a month or a 1-time payment of from $300 to $2997 per course.

After taking a course, the need for more courses showed its ugly head. And some additional Internet marketing tools were needed to complete each course.

Then there were the weeks or months spent learning how to use the tools.

Then came sequences of from 5 or 6 or from 20 to 30 Email messages to send to people who joined each mailing list for each product.

Then then came the landing pages needed to make sales and or to build Email lists for each product.

Finally, a sale was made but the free trial and the product guarantee caused the commission to be unavailable for 30 to 120 days.

Then came another wait until commissions reached the required balance for a payment to be requested.

Then another wait for a few more days for the commissions to be transferred to a bank or other account.

Finally a $20 or so sale was made and eventually a $1 to $5 commission was paid causing some excitement over that first sale.

Only 4 or 5 would-be-entrepreneurs out of a hundred ever made it this far and started to make a small monthly profit working from home, then they saw the need to sell more products or services and had to repeat the previous 6 steps for each of them.

Only 4 or 5 out of a thousand ever made it this far and are now making a good income and are ready to start hiring employees and spending a lot on advertising and developing a brand. This is where it starts to get tough! Hiring good employees takes money, time, and a lot of luck and skill!

At this point, a very good manager would be well on the way to getting rich, but it is by now almost time to sell the business and retire.

All of the above relates to affiliate marketing.

Choose MLM (A.K.A. Network Marketing) over affiliate marketing and homemade ads and landing pages just won't work. It will be almost impossible to figure out what will work. I have seen good looking outgoing friends spend thousands and work hard for years and do everything exactly as they were told and still never reach $1000 a month. Please forget MLM!

What is the solution that can avoid all of this bad stuff and possibly enable $1000 a day net income within a very few months?

Here it is in order of importance or execution...

1. Find a brand that pays a nice commission immediately at the time of each sale so there is money from the first sale to spend on ads or whatever. Cash flow problems can kill most any business, but the brightest and most persistent might still see success in a year or so.

2. The ideal product must include every tool and every course the beginning entrepreneur will ever need (including web hosting) at a price most can afford. There should never be a need to spend another dime on other tools and training except for ads and about $15 a year for a domain name.

There should never be a need to add new products and spend a life and a fortune writing Email sequences and building landing pages and designing ads for each of those products.

The most important thing is to sell a product that contains every tool ever needed by everyone who wants to make money online - and that is almost everyone! There is little else that could have a larger market!

3. The sponsor (me) should supply a free sequence of Emails to send to an Email list.

4. The sponsor must supply free a free landing page good enough to convinces at lease 8 or 10 of every 100 visitors to give up their Email address and at least 1 or 2 of those should buy the product.

5. The sponsor must supply free ad copy that will send the right kind of visitors to the landing page that will meet the requirements in the previous step.

6. The sponsor must show exactly how to change the Email sequence and the landing page and the ad copy with personal affiliate links and information so the business can show some success within a week or less and be running ads as soon as the first sale comes in. Significant income will start within a few days of running the first successful ad.

7. The product must earn a substantial instant commission and monthly residual commissions that will grow the income rapidly with each sale and will stay well ahead of ad expenses from day one.

I am promising a lot and I will be out of business fast if I don't deliver.

Please remember, selling a lot of different products will make it impossible for anyone to make these same promises. It is sticking to a single product that makes this solution possible and that product had to be chosen very carefully! I don't think there is another product anywhere that could meet these requirements.

Join with me and enjoy life!

Understand that there is no guarantee of making any income at all. But if I have not kept my promises or if the product is a disappointment, just ask me for a refund and I will honor the request. If I cheat anyone, I know for sure that I will one day account for it before them and God. I believe in God, so that prospect worries me far more than the thought of refunding a commission. Also know that anyone who continues on and buys something as an end result of seeing this page, will make me a nice commission. A free trial is available but will delay the earning of income by the length of the trial. A money back guarantee is granted in all cases but I must be contacted, not the company, to claim a refund. If I fail to honor guarantee claims I will lose my standing with the company and I will lose the best work from home business ever. My contact information will be available in the thank-you Email.

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This article was published on 08.10.2021 by Bob Stratton
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