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Want to Recruit More People in Your MLM but Hate the Idea of Selling?

Then this announcement might be for you. If there's one thing that gives people more anxiety than anything, it's the idea of selling your opportunity or business model to people outside of your warm market.

Here's the deal though. If you want to grow your MLM business, you have to sell regardless.

But what if you what you had for people, you feel like you didn't have to sell?

What if what you have was something that they've been looking for?

Not necessarily your business opportunity. Not yet anyways. But a system that would not only create momentum for you in your own business, but for people who were looking to create the same results in their own business?

Something that would create a ton of value for your prospects and in return would take a lot of the selling out of the equation?

Such a system exists and it's called the Digital Enrollment Machine or DEM for short.

First let's get rid of the idea of needing to:

Cold call/message strangers on the internet

Spam links across multiple social media platforms

Bugging friends, family and acquaintances. 

Because those are all desperate forms of selling and don't get most people very far.

The reason why DEM works is because it gets rid of all of those desperate forms of selling and puts a solution in your hands that people are already looking for.

DEM provides you and your prospects a ton of insights and trainings from a 7-figure earner in the networking space and provides you with tools and a "done for you funnel" that helps leverage and mostly automate the process for you.

By positioning yourself as a problem solver for people and having a solution to their specific problems, you're now in a position of authority where you can follow up with your primary networking offer without the need to feel like you're selling.

And that's because you've already provided something of major value to your prospects.

When it comes to network marketing, people are much more inclined to buy something that they feel is going to solve a particular problem they're experiencing.

And DEM is exactly that system that provides people with the systems, tools and insights that allow networkers to get them "unstuck" in their recruiting efforts.

In fact it's so powerful, that a coach of mine using a system similar to DEM was able to to enroll 934 people onto his team when he lead with solutions rather than another business opportunity.

Again, most people hate the idea of selling.

But when you already have something that people are looking for, you really don't feel like you're selling anything.

And when you have the ability to present your primary business opportunity after they've got the system you've shared with them, you've got an even better chance of having them hear you out.

Think DEM might be something for you? You can click here to get more info. Plus an additional 20+ video training series to help you even more in your business.

This article was published on 14.04.2021 by Kevin Williams
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