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Hi, have you ever started a home-based business and found that you ended up spending more money buying products and sales aids than making money?


The marketing plan was so complicated that you never really fully understood it?


Trying to find a good prospect for your business just seemed very hard to do and a bit scary trying to approach someone about it.


Approaching family members and friends makes you cringe because you don't want them to feel that you are taking advantage of your relationship.


Some studies on the subject find that a large majority of people want to own their own business and most want a home-based business.

​One major problem, is cost! They don't have the money to buy inventory and all the other costs of running a business.


                                                                      ​WE HAVE THE ANSWER

                                                          "​INSTANT RECALL"


​Where there is absolutely no risk to start this business. Where the market is gigantic because everyone with a cell phone is a prospect! ​Where there is NO SELLING! Where there is just sharing this with everyone because remember, there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK! Where a 5 figure monthly income potential is real because of THE EASIEST PAY PLAN EVER!

Now how does Instant Recall work? It is really very simple, we have a first-class app called, of course, Instant Recall with some very neat features such as;

​Recall notifications about what food I liked at this restaurant

Recall notifications about what I need to remember to pick up

Recall how to return to this exact location

Recall the date and time of an event, past, present, and future

Recall with friends with automated sharing

Recall with a pin drop map view of the spots you marked

Recall everything with text, photos, and videos

Recall the special details about this location whether it be a great vacation spot, restaurant, or the exact place you caught that huge fish at the lake.

All you have to do is download the app to your phone and we will donate 5 meals to feed the poor and hungry men, women, and children in this country.

Also, if you just share this with your family, friends including your neighbors, and the people you work with, you will earn $1.00 for each one, to be paid each month they keep it on their phone.

But, that's just the beginning if they do the same as you and share it with everyone they know, you'll receive a dollar for all of them.

Now, to give you some idea of the money you could earn in this business and remember this is not a guarantee of income it is just an example and it will vary for people based on several factors, not the least of which is effort, let me explain the rest of the compensation plan.

If you share this with 10 people who download the app, you would earn $10 per month as long as they have it on their phone. Then to simplify things, we show everyone averaging 10 people throughout the compensation plan. This is just an average, some people will do a little while others do a lot. 

When you personally have 10 people download the app you are entitled to $.50 for everyone on levels 3 and 4.

So that means in this example, you would earn $10 on your first level, $100 on your second level, then you would receive $500 on your 3rd level, and $5000 on your 4th level.

It would look like this: Level 1 10 you earn $10 per month

                                                                     Level 2 100 you earn $100 per month

                                                                     Level 3 1000 you earn $500 per month

                                                                     Level 4 10,000 you earn $5000 per month


                                                                                                                       $5610 per month

Now, remember when I said a five-figure income potential was possible? Let's just see how that could happen.

Every person averages knowing about 200 people minimum according to studies on the subject. So if you talk to everyone they know, well, let's just say very conservatively 20 people download the app for you, and then we'll just say on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels just average 10 people, just for an example.

                                                                    Level 1 20 people you earn $20 per month

                                                                    Level 2 200 people you earn $200 per month

                                                                    Level 3 2000 people you earn $1000 per month

                                                                    Level 4 20,000 people you earn $10,000 per month


                                                                                                                                      $11,220 per month


    $11,220 per month and again I want to say this is not a guarantee of income because there are several factors that affect the amount you earn, a person's ability, but most important is their effort.

         Now you know why we say we have a revolutionary new business concept;

                     1.) No risk to becoming an affiliate, in fact, you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars

                             just by becoming an Instant Recall affiliate because you now get tax deductions on your homebase


                     2.) Gigantic market

                     3.) Everyone is a prospect because everyone owns a phone

                     4.) A quality product that is FREE

                     5.) There is No Selling

                     6.) Work from anywhere

                     7.) Easiest pay plan in history and still very lucrative


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This article was published on 30.10.2022 by Kimberly Lincoln-pike
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