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A REAL Business Franchise Worth Focusing On.


From the Desk of Paul Wiekel
Christian Internet Marketing & Franchisor

Hey, it's Paul Wiekel. For over 12 years now, I have been marketing online, coaching others and building teams in some of the top companies in the industry. 

If you are reading this, you probably know already that the network marketing industry offers one of the most promising business and franchising opportunity. In fact, even Warren Buffet said recently that "network marketing is shaping to be one of the most respectable career in the new century.". When asked what he would do if he had to start all over again, Donald Trump said : "I'll find a good network marketing company - and get to work!".

Have you ever wanted to be the proud owner of your own wildly successful internet business?

A business that can earn you consistently upwards of $2,000 – $5,000 a month, so you can finally experience true success online – like all those “gurus” you see collecting those enviable checks on stage. By the way, doesn’t that FRUSTRATE you? I mean watching the “leaders” collect all those big checks – which you have probably contributed to! It surely frustrates me!

This is Paul Wiekel. I’ve been an internet marketer for over a decade and currently derive a full-time income from my various internet businesses. This lifestyle – what I call the Laptop Marketer lifestyle – has allowed me to spend an awesome amount of time with my wife and kids – even on days when people have to show up for work! It’s beenAWESOME – to say the least!

Here are some pics we took when on a visit to the TrickEye Museum in Singapore – on a work day! – and the best thing is, I kept getting commission notifications during this little excursion.


And here’s when my family and I spent some quality time with my elderly mom & dad at a nice pub – also on a work day…while others are clicking away in their workplace.


So why have I succeeded online when SO MANY marketers have failed?? Here’s why…

Fact : Almost EVERY internet business or e-MLM out there today, are built to “channel” your money into the hands of a few elite “gurus”.

Yeah, you guessed it! – the top 5% of the people in the company. These same guys are the destined ‘leaders’ who show up at events in glamour and collect insane checks on-stage. While the rest of the ‘regulars’ contribute to their success EVERY MONTH with your affiliate fees.

That’s why despite your BEST EFFORTS, your goal can NEVER be within your reach!

But all that has changed...

Some time ago, I got fed up with all the online schemes and internet "scams" that never seem to work. Either the leadership was bad, or they lost focus or the comp plan was just unsustainable. 

I started looking for a REAL business. You know. None of the online fly-by-night stuff. I wanted a long term franchise that is worth all my time and investment. Something that I can build permanently, and not have to hop from opportunity to opportunity. 

Then, one day at work, my boss' daughter introduced me to a business that has since captivated me. 

I'm talking about a business whereby distributors - only 2 months into the business - started achieving their 1st car. And that car bonus pays $1,000 deposit for you right upfront, with a $500/month allowance!  

A REAL franchise whereby every step you take forward builds your business and takes you to greater profitability. Where you can leverage teamwork to scale your business rapidly. A business that is more than just YOU. Imagine being able to give back to society even as your earn an enviable income from home. A real franchise that is built on quality, excellent products (not a pyramid or some useless blogging platform!). 

If like me, you are tired of chasing after "shiny"  objects and online schemes that never seem to last, allow me the honor of showing you the franchise that I now call : "My final franchise.". Simply because I don't think I will ever need to build another. If you want something permanent, something that will last - and a legacy you can pass down to your future generations, click the button below. I'll show you what a REAL franchise is built on.

This article was published on 29.03.2016 by Paul Wiekel
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