Jamberry Nails are so easy to apply, if i could attach a picture, i would. I do not know how lols.

The products within the company are amazing, i will always say that, because they are. There are 300+ designs to choose from, however because this company only sells and ships to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, each country has only a select few designs than the other. So they're not all the same designs.

Because i am in New Zealand, there are some that aren't available here like there is in the US. One thing i wish we had here would be the disney wraps, like Frozen, which is for the kids. Frozen blew up here, and it would be a massive hit if they were available.

But what there is here, they're all still awesome. The designs that are available are suitable for any occasion, Whether it's going out on the town, hanging out with friends, business meetings, or even just going to the shops. Whatever you feel in the mood for, they're fit for that.

And the best thing about these is that, they come on a sheet that can do 2 mani's and pedi's. Is that good or what ?, NO actually that's great!.

Theres also designs like New Zealand flag and Forever ferns. It cannot get any better than that, other then have some Maori designs in there. Now that should be bought into the design as well. I reckon if there were Maori designs, many would definitely purchase. I certainly would snap that right away once it went on sale.

Other than wraps, Jamberry sell Lacquer as well. With 52 different shades of colour, you'll have a change every week just to show off your colours. And whats great too about Lacquer and the wraps, is that you can apply a wrap on top of the Lacquer. So imagine having a wrap that was clear, or black and clear, you could undercoat with a Lacquer (colour of your choice) and apply the wrap simply on top. And you would have a individual design.

There is also Gel available, not all shades are in stock here, but soon all will be coming.

We also have Hand and Nail Care kits, which include scissors, nail file, orange sticks, cuticle pushers, cuticle oil, buffer block.

We then have a Celebration Box which is perfect for Hens nights, Girls night in, Kids night in. This box is great for those kind of occasions. And whats included in the box is, 3 choosen wrap styles (standard size or junior size), an application kit which includes mini heater, scissors, cuticle pusher, orange stick, nail file, balloons, favour bags, which is for your guests to take home with them.

There is so much that is available right at your fingertips, or at a click of a button.

These amazing products that need to be known to everyone, because they're just easy and fun. Why not work for a company where you love the products.

But i cannot explain all the products that are available in complete detail because it's not the same without seeing pictures.

So head over to my website, have a look around, see what there is and what it is that makes me want to scream THESE PRODUCTS ARE AMAZING. Make a purchase, because you truly will be satisfied, and join. Get in on this buzz that i'm on. You won't be disappointed. You will love it. I love it, it's just the selling aspect that i need a lot of work on. Getting people to love it as much as i do and seeing that it is true.

So what are you waiting for, get at me, and let's get this party started :)

This article was published on 26.06.2016 by Kellie Moekore
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