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Why do you not join Kyani? I love the products they give me a more life. Meaning that they give me energy and I feel healthier and look healthier. I am thankful that my friend asked me to try the products and join the company.

Here is a good oppertunity for you to make a decent a amount of money refering products and building your business with all the help you need. Theese guys are fantastic to help and it is a great feeling to become a part of a community that cares and want you to make it. It feels like coming home.

I have been in other businesses before. All great companies. But I just did not feel the passion for the products. I belive that when you join a business you must have a desire to buy the products so that you can use them yourself. If not how can you be a representitive for the company?

It is like buying a great car but you will not drive in it because it has the wrong coulor. You thought that it was for you but it it actually was not. So it just stands there . But you still have to pay for it. I kinda did that in my other companies . Bought the start kit and started to use it and after a month or two i lost focus and commitment because I did not feel that it did any good for my body and health. So I slowley lost interest and it became harder to tell my story because I did not want to teel people that I did not have the passion for what I am promoting. As all things in life you must feel that your soul is happy doing it. If not then what is the point. So for me in this company I have found my way home.

And another thing that I really like there is some great tools that can help you. I have actually not seen all theese great features before. It can help you send the right info to the right type of person.

 And some of the top leaders are  not too good to help you if you need a really pro to help you. So it really is a win win situation.

 Let us take a 3 way call and My friend and I will be happy to tell you all about a great business.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

This article was published on 02.05.2021 by Claus Wedel
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