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ICC Publishing

ICC Publishing's mission is to assist writers or would be writers uncover the inner novelist in themselves. Based on the seminar "Developing your first novel" by Tasha Lewis author of Searching for the Perfect Place. Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsib6h9bxehrpob/Tasha%20WK.mp4?dl=0. Everyone has a story about their personal or professional life. How this story is told is the question. Having a desire and the ability is an important aspect of this endeavor. Hiring a ghost writer maybe the way to achieve this short or long term goal. Most Ghost Writers charge rates up to $25K per project depending on the amount of time to complete the project. We customize a package based on budget, timeline and personal circumstances. Each month we will give away 1 free package. Some projects can be done as a retreat.

ICC Publishing ghost writing services can meet the need of those who have a book inside of them but lack the skill set to put the words on the page.

ICC Publishing's other publications can help writers turn the project into an extra income stream by using Funding for Internship and Scholarship Programs book ($10 USD Ebook, $15 USD Hard Copy, $35 USD workbook) help them generate any amount of money or save as much as they need.

This resource will help to

Live your best life

Tell your story while earning

Earn while you learn

Combine research and earning

Combine vacation and community service

Combine giving back and making a difference

Combine events and fundraising

Just to name a few!

Additionally, some of our other publications (Making a Music Video (Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ztpf9nlcgnpn08/WP_20150805_13_09_17_Pro.mp4?dl=0), Outline for Retreats (Actor, Director, Producer, Writer), Tuition Reimbursement for Human Resource Departments) can assist with generating additional experience, saving the company money or additional revenue opportunities. Publications can be purchased independent of the Ghost Writing services in individual and bulk. Packages are available. Training videos for Grant Specialist, Fundraising, and Scholarship Search Service. Encourages you to read more, raise more money for your business or school. Learn more. Research more. Write more. No matter what your short or long term goals are. Adapting your novel to a documentary, film, podcast, TV or web series. Start your journey with ICC Publishing today. Let us make your novel writing experience as simple as a Piece of Cake.

Contact us for details or our publications and some of our FREE resources.

Recommendations or suggestions for additional services always appreciated.

This article was published on 07.10.2019 by Icc Publications
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