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A Common Trait (you probably have it) Spells Certain Doom For Your Success

If I didn't come up with something quick, we were gonna be here all night.

A long time ago, in a state far away...

We were stuck.

The fighting vehicles were stuck. The tow vehicles were stuck. In a grove of trees, just off the road, in a swampy area of Ft. Stewart, GA.

What am I saying. 

Georgia is a swamp. A nickname of Ft. Stewart is Camp Swampy. It rains all the time, and everything is wet most of the time. Even the air is wet.

I drove an M88 Medium Recovery Vehicle. If you ever saw one, your first thought was probably, "If that's medium, what the heck does the large one look like?". It's about 56 tons fully combat loaded (at least it was before they started hanging reactive armor on them) and it's very good at what it does, which is pulling stuck or broken combat vehicles like tanks and fighting vehicles back to the relative safety of the maintenance area for repair.

Mine was stuck, like all the other vehicles surrounding me.

Instead of rolling in for the rescue, we'd become part of the problem. When I went to talk to Master Seargent Robison, he told me, "Find me a way out." 

"Yes, Sergeant."

I went looking for a way out.

Putting aside all the BS about how hard things must be, and "Ya just gotta hustle!", and similar loads of crap suitable only for memes on so-shill media (which wasn't even an idea back then) I searched for the easy way out. 

That's right. The Path of Least Resistance.

Because when it comes to recovery, resistance is your enemy. Everything you do is aimed at reducing resistance to make the extraction as easy as possible.

Same thing goes in your online business.

Then why do so many wannabe goo-rues spout this junk about "working hard!", and "hustle!", and the top of my personal list of loathed phrases, "Massive ACTION!"?

Because it makes it easier to blame you for not working hard enough when the fact is, there are easier ways the overpaid garbage artist doesn't know about. Besides, if he told you how to REALLY get it done, you wouldn't need his useless Flakebook (tm) group full of stupid memes and disastrous advice. You'd soon realize you didn't need him and be on your merry way - all the way to the bank.

I tromped through the trees and found a path I could fit through. I hammered the accelerator, turned slowly so I wouldn't throw a track, and plowed ahead. If a small tree got in my way, I simply ran it over. M88s are cool like that.

Once I got on the road, I had the solid footing required to run out the cable and pull the other stuck vehicles out. 

It was almost dawn, but we were on our way home.

Moral of the story?

When you find yourself stuck, QUIT PUSHING.

Stop and take a good look at your situation. Examine the obstacles in front of you and plot a path around them. Run right over the easy ones. Hard on the accelerator following the path of least resistance. Until you find yourself back on solid ground.

Once you're unstuck, head back to your home base. 

Then plan your next moves with a fresh mind and the knowledge you can handle anything the market throws at you.

Have you picked up on the common trait most marketers have that stops them cold?

It's the tendency to complicate things. To push harder when things get tough. To 'hustle'. To take 'Massive Action!' when backing off and assessing the situation would be more productive.

You can work as hard as you want with a shovel, but the guy with a backhoe is gonna win the hole-digging contest every time. 

Quit working so hard and learn to use your most powerful tool - your Mind.

It's critical, so it's naturally the first thing we cover in our online marketing masterclass. 

If you've ever wanted to find the secrets behind why only the chosen few reach the pinnacle of marketing success online while the rest are mired in mediocrity, this is where you'll discover them.

But it won't be around forever.

Click here for the path of least resistance to success online.

This article was published on 02.08.2021 by Dave Kotecki
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