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He Used This Simple System and Got 934 People to Join His MLM

That's an awful lot of people to have in your organization isn't it?

You ever thought how much effort has to go into that in terms of doing things like:

Cold calling or cold messaging people?

Posting regularly on social media and consistently talking about your business, the products and the comp plan?

Doing insane things like meeting up with people for coffee just to talk business?

Sounds pretty awful doesn't it?

But what if I told you he didn't have to do ANY of those things to get people to book appointments with him and eventually join his business?

What if I told you that the people that were booking those appointments with him already knew, liked and trusted him even when he has never interacted with them beforehand?

These things are possible when you prime your prospect.

And these things are possible through what he likes to Call "The Digital Enrollment Machine or DEM for short.

DEM in short, is a system where this same guy that got almost 1,000 people into his networking team takes all of the strategies and lessons he's learned over his 10+ years of networking and shares it with you.

He also shows you step by step how he creates his mostly automated system in capturing leads, setting up appointments with only the most qualified people and enrolling those people in the same day.

Why is this so powerful?

Because with the DEM, you've got something of incredibly high value to share with people that they're ultimately looking for.

And in doing so, you've just earned their goodwill and trust for actually sharing a solution for them in their business.

By using this system, this same guy was able to take his $19k business to multiple 6 figure years consecutively.

And that's also without the need to waste time cold calling a bunch of unqualified prospects, cold messaging people and getting ignored, constantly throwing your links all over social media or crossing your fingers that anyone in your family or friends will hear you out.

If you want to learn more about DEM and how it can create massive momentum in your business, feel free to

click here to get more info on DEM.

This article was published on 19.02.2021 by Kevin Williams
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