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Is Equality Attained By Keeping People Poor?

In a midst of daily routine of life, one encounters eventful episode that makes one rethink purpose in life.  I experienced that when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.  In his book, he advocates great general principles which are perfect for someone who can use a kick in the pants to change their mindset and take leap towards entrepreneurship.

Interestingly, he stresses that our school system has failed.  The cost of education system is high and yet the school system does not teach financial education.  They do not teach you how to save on taxes, they do not teach you how valuable it is to gain financial independence.  The education system is so structured to keep students within a narrow confine.  Schools program students to follow instructions rather than their own independent decisions.  Thus, society has people who can’t operate without being told what to do, when to do and how to do.  People have been trained to become “employee”.

You Need Not Be Poor

Robert Kiyosaki states that school never teaches you to be rich, yes, I agree!! But it teaches you English, Language, Math’s, Science to earn Money. Can't forget the value of Education. Without knowledge the money is Nothing. It must be noted that the education system’s purpose is not about getting people rich but provide them necessary skills and tools so they can pursue meaningful life.  However, I would suspect that schools are more of an indoctrination, & babysitting system, more than anything else.

Though there may be consensus that people are trained to follow, there is nothing wrong being an employee.  An employee is an asset in form of his/her skills in the areas of trade, finances, technical, and other areas.  Not everyone can be employer and/or entrepreneur.  However, it is essential to teach about money and debt and impact on one’s life.

Kiyosaki learned about business from Monopoly game.  The game thought him the concept of acquisition, “four green houses and a red hotel”.  His idea of buying assets versus liabilities is spot on.  He advocates spending responsibly, and really knowing what you’re spending money on.  Interestingly, monopoly game may teach about business which can be applied in real life.  But the fact remains that you are playing the game with fake money.  The game hardly teaches essential elements of life- skills, values and humanity.

Not everyone is suitable to be entrepreneurs. It’s great Kiyosaki teaches people about money and debt. But he does not address them about insolvency and bankruptcy cause that’s the fundamental risk an entrepreneur would face.

You Need Not Be Poor

Ironically, Kiyosaki claims that the system is designed such that people remain poor.  Perhaps he is onto something.  However, I venture to say that he is also part of that system to keep people poor than make them rich.  His books and seminars are victimizing people who are trying to get rich.  The simple fact is very few people have become rich by shelling thousands of dollars on his books and courses.  I must admit, that he is not only one, there are other financial experts pursuing same strategies.

In nutshell, there is no magic for being rich or that poverty is passed on.  Simply that chances of people being poor is minimized if they follow simple concept- Earn, Save and Expand.

This article was published on 08.09.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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