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Stop being financially desperate

There used to be days when I was financially desperate.I hardly had any money.In other words I didn't have any good source of income.I used to struggle much in order to get something to eat.I used to live in less than a dollar a day.Live was very hard.

As a father of three ,I had to try all means to make sure that my children go to school ,eat,dress and get shelter.Life was very tough,sometimes it could reach the end of the month when I had totally nothing to pay house rent.Thanks to my landlord,he was an understanding man.I could always plead with him and he listened .

I did all sorts of casual jobs I could come across .I have worked as a construction laboure r for five years,but did not get anything good out of it.I used to work but sometimes I could not even eat well.

From construction I joined hawking.I have been in this industry for ten good years.I used to be a mobile hawker in the beggining.I have gone through all the streets and estates of Nairobi,selling different types of products.With all this hardwork,my needs were not satisfied.From there I became a water vendor.I sold water for two years.But life was still not easy.

One day I was surfing the internet and I came across an SFI ad.The ad read "are you financially worried,join SFI and relieve your worries ". I read that add,three times and I decided to click on the link.

After clicking the link I went through it step by step.And I decided to sign up

.What made me mostly sign up is that SSFI is free to join and it doesn't require any experience.And the ad said,start earning money immediately after signing up by just doing simple things.

From there I landed to my new job.I started accumulating VPs.I didn't have any internet knowledge.I struggled and for a period of six months I earned a total of less $100.But all in all I didn't give up.I continued reading the training manuals and made friends on Facebook .I asked them how they are making money and also visiting the forums.One interesting thing I noticed is that SFI is a big company and it has affiliates all over the world and they are very generous and willing to help.

I am now one year and two months with SFI.My income is growing month after month.I believe when I will go three to five years it will be another story.

Surely this is a real company.If you want to create a stream of residual income,then make a point of joining it.Though it will take time for you to start realising good income,but it is one of the best company's.Once your income starts growing,it keeps on.And there are many ways of making money with SFI.If youbput all this ways into place ,you will find yourself earning thousands of dollars.To join,check on this link

When I was just with SFI,a friend of mine introduced to my another program.This one is called All In One Profiits(AIOP).This is another mega internet marketing company that pays cashback.One good thing with this company is that you earn money while building your business.Once you join you are given all the marketing to build your AIOP business and any business that you may have in the internet.At the same time you are paid 100% commissions from your referrals. That 100% cash back.Another good thing with this program is its affordability.You only pay ,$10/month if you are basic member or $20 if you are pro member.

You are guaranteed your money back .

This is another good program to to build a stream of residual income from home.You don't need to refer many people,to realise reasonable income.If you can only get ten serious people ,you retain five odd ones and pass up five even numbers to your sponsor.When your odd referrals ,start referring,they will also pass all even referrals to you.And the process continues to infinity.After a period if one year you might be having over 500 active people in your ddownline.And each person paying you $10 .You will be earning over $5000/per month.After two to three years you may be earning over $10000/month.

I strongly recommend this program to any one who may be looking for marketing tools .You get tools to use for free to build any business so long as you remain an active member.To join this program click the following link
This article was published on 11.06.2016 by Chrispinus Egesa
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