Business opportunity from world renowned health care product!!

Hey everyone, 

       This is Anton, from India. I am currently working for a Network Marketing company named PUGOS. The company basically produces nutrition based products and is 20 years in business.

      The product they are promoting is Astashine produced by Astareal (branch of FUJI chemicals). The product is known as the 'King of Antioxidants' which is extracted from a Microalgae. 

What is the purpose of Antioxidants?

      It removes the Free Radicals and energizes every cell in our body rejuvenating them.

What happens if the cells are energized?

       The list of uses are as follows:

    i) BRAIN: Carries more oxygen to the brain resulting in improved brain activity

      ii) EYE: Helps to protect eye from CVS caused by Free Radicals

   iii) HEART: Removes plaque formed in the arteries thus protecting from Heart related disease

   iv) MUSCLE ENDURANCE: Helps a speedy recovery of muscles by providing more muscle Enzymes

      v) DIABETES: Increases the Pancreas activity thus producing more insulin and hence eliminating diabetes

       vi) JOINT PAIN: Removes free Radicals from the joint bones, resulting in the improvement in joints.

        vii) CAPILLARY ACTION: The blood stream is made to flow in a good capillary manner as the cells are energized.

      It has even been showing good results for Cancer, Paralysis etc. 

     400 peer reviewed clinical studies,

      40 placebo-controlled trials have been taken  all over the World on human showing positive results. 

The youtube link is given below


    The company provides a unique business plan with a lot of additional incomes. The official website is

       As the product is very efficient, marketing it would be easy, provided the company is well established. Company's branches are in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, etc. Furthermore it is providing business to many other countries in future. 

     Hence, we have a Great product with a well established company. Let's join this great initiative and make our Lives better which includes both Health and Wealth. 

This article was published on 01.03.2017 by Anton Vanavan
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