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You Can Start Travel Business With Just $1

When was the last time you took real vacation? Chances are that you have not.

Vacation is good for you. Why must you take time off when you are stressed?  Take time off for vacation to enjoy.  It is good for your mind and wealth.  By the way, it is just good for everyone.

Noting that vacations are good for everyone, but most folks can’t seem to take vacations.  What if you can show them that take vacations at super discounted price and feel good as well as make some money.  Really who can possible turn down such a deal?

It gets even better, what if it only costs $1 to start?  Hard to believe that you can start online travel business with just $1.  But you can.

Start Travel Biz For As Low As $1

Why not just make it FREE?  Fair question, indeed.

I must say, that the way system is set up, seeking payment of $1 is beneficial because what it offers.  It is opportunity that people can relate to even if they are not able to make large sums of money.

Let me explain some advantages to get into travel biz venture:

Vacation can be tax deductible – By engaging in a travel business, cost of your travel may be tax deductible.  Be sure to get a rationale for deduction from your tax professional.

Vacation can be short - Start with a 3-day weekend. Consider a trip to some place of interest within a half-day’s drive.

Take a family vacation - Take a few days and visit them. They’ll want to hear about what you’re up to. After hearing how you were able to take little break, they will also want to join you.

Take a road trip - Pick a destination but get there slowly. Stay in cheap local motels, B&B’s or camp out. Time in the car will be good thinking time. You can stop anywhere you want, for as long as you want. Time to learn how it feels to travel.

Stay connected to your business - With smart phones and WIFI all over, you don’t have to lose touch with your business or your customers.

Once you have learned the benefits of vacation, you will want to share experiences. Travel business will ensure your choice of being an entrepreneur as you are in control of your own life.

Start Travel Biz For As Low As $1

So, strategy is simple; emphasize folks to join you at starting at $1.  Here is why?

Easier sponsoring - sponsoring easier and team building is faster because everyone can take risk $1.

Fast Start Bonus- You would have the potential to earn 50% Fast Start bonus on all the 3 levels ($0.50C on the $1 level, $10 on the Gold level and $50 on the Platinum level).

Powerful Residual Income - You would earn 25% monthly residual on each of your personal referrals instead of earning only 5% from spill over.

Upgrade Likely – As your team members start seeing the earnings and benefits, they will upgrade.  With a simple strategy you and your team members can upgrade $1 account to Platinum in 30 days or less.

Of course, money loves speed.  The faster you start faster you will start earning.  Realistically, at least you may want you and your team to join at higher level.  But even $1 is strategic path to success.

This article was published on 29.09.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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