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5 tips for overcoming Procrastination in your Network Marketing Business

Procrastination is the one big reason why people in business/life don't succeed to anywhere near the level of success that they are looking for. All the little things you do on a daily basis will have a dramatic effect on the results you get. If you don't do those little things today or tomorrow it won't make a huge difference to your business, but not doing them daily over a period of time will have a devastating effect on your business.

Have a look at the video (accessed from the link in this article) then make a plan of daily action you can take that will move you closer to your success goal.    

Imagine if fear, worry or procrastination never held you back again.  

Imagine if you could effortlessly expand your comfort zone daily and take the inspired actions you know you should be taking?

How would your life be different? 

What levels would you reach in your business?  

What new goals would you achieve? 

What would your days look and feel like? 

What would you do if didn't feel that knot in your stomach before you jumped on the phone to prospect or follow up with someone… if all you felt was excitement… and you were a 'Do It Now' person of action?  

On this video our good friend Dave O’Connor shares 5 tips that I have used over and over again with my clients to help them overcome procrastination and take more consistent and inspired action every day. If all you had to do was think about what you wanted with more intention and your goals magically showed up a few moments later, everyone would be living their dream and overall would be healthy, happy and prosperous. 

Unfortunately we know it’s not quite as simple as that. Success is certain when you combine the right mind-set with the right inspired actions on a consistent basis. However, many people procrastinate on taking the actions they know they should be taking. 

In this episode, Dave shares 5 tips that he uses over and over again with his clients to help them overcome procrastination and take more consistent and inspired action every day.

To Your Success

Phil and Rosytha Cony

This article was published on 27.11.2017 by Phil Cony
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